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  1. I paid $160 for this. How about $90 shipped?
  2. I went back to racing auto sims and I don't need it.
  3. Brand new. Less than 2 hours use. $100 shipped in CONUSA
  4. I hope you sold it to me. The link back to you failed. YES I do PayPal

  5. Sorry for the delay. I was waiting for another buyer to make up his mind. He did and it's sold now.
  6. How about $450? The mods were $125.
  7. It's what I use from this thread.
  8. Try this. Taz gets the credit. day_color = {-0.22, 0, -0.36, 1} \Mods\aircraft\A-10C_2\Cockpit\Scripts\HUD\Indicator\HUD_init.lua
  9. I'm using a Warthog. This one for sale was a backup I bought from a friend. I don't need a backup and was doing him a favor by buying it. I paid him a lot more than i'm asking.
  10. It's been 6 months but the Hornet has a 2 year head start.
  11. The stock slew in the Warthog is really crappy. The Delta is a $70 upgrade that replaces the slew. Everything that is slewed in modern planes is easier and more precise with the Delta.
  12. Sorry mods. I want to put this back up for sale and didn't want to add it back to the other thread I started because nobody will click on it anymore thinking I changed my mind. Could you delete the other one? Ok, here we go again. I bought this from my buddy and he only used it around 5 hours. Flight sims weren't for him and he went back to auto racing. So, it still looks brand new and you can see that in the pictures. Everything works perfect and it has no stiction. It has these mods. Deltasim slew upgrade installed Sahaj 10cm extension. Perfect with the stock black spring. Shapewa
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