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  1. It's a known bug. Problem for ED is that it is completely random. They are looking for a fix, but if you don't know what is causing it, you can't fix it.
  2. If you mucked around with battery ON and anti-col and nav lights, it will take its toll on battery.
  3. Yeah, you can land hard enough to damage the building while not being damaged yourself. As far as I can tell, you can land on any building that has a roof, doesn't matter if it's flat or slanted.
  4. Did you download CH53? I had same thing happen with Bell 47 from same guy. See how ADI and VSI are different. Whatever you downloaded, that's the cause. Delete it and you should be fine.
  5. Scoop, could you elaborate little on this ? We really like quick reviews While Virpils offering is much better looking, this one looks like more modest option. 1 Reply ScoopMudspike Mug Holder 5 1h NEVO: Surely.
  6. @cw4ogdenin the video you posted approach is made with tailwind. Look at smoke direction after the crash. But if real life pilots say that DCS Mi8 VRS way too easy, I'm going to bow out to their experience.
  7. @NineLine no it is not solved. Reason why it looked solved for Rudel is that he was at sunny spot and mirror reflection is always sunny. Taken just a minute ago. Unfortunatelly, forgot to take screenshot of what's behind the helicopter, but I did check and it was overcast, same as in photo.
  8. Engine fire looks like overstressing the engine. Slow flight at 40 kts should not be anywhere EGT limit. @VIXEN413Do you have an axis bound to throttle? If it's not at 100% it will kick off governor and drop out of green range.
  9. Radio tunning problems were happening until 2.7 update. I believe it's simple de-sync between players. Still happens, but much less frequently.
  10. You need to take the gimbal out, but it's not hard. FYI, I put Nyogel and had to go from #20 to #10, so I'm thinking to open it again and clean the clutches.
  11. Drag is increased exponentially. Weight does have effect, but surface area is more important once speed gets up. Test how much increase in power you need to go from 40 to 60 and from 80 to 100, and then check how much you need from 100 to 120.
  12. MCGU on 20 cm extension. I am running with single #20 spring on each axis, to help with grip from falling down once out of center. I have also wiped cleand factory grease, as it was sticking and add silicone grease. Will clean that too, once I receive Nyogel. Clutches are full tight and stick remains in place.
  13. Yes, I have seen this a lot in MP. Both up and down bending. Only on other player/s helicopter/s, never on my own. No track unfortunately.
  14. Try to set axis-to-button and then use those "buttons" to trigger SRS
  15. It is wise to check all the settings and bindings after every DCS update, as it is known DCS might mess it up on its own. I learned it long time ago and that is main reason why most of my settings go through Joystick gremlin.
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