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  1. Oups Found solution in camera cockpit movement sorry
  2. Is the pilot seat adjustable in height because the vertical velocity indicator is full masqued by the gunsight reflector assembly the dial is seen through navigator position but there is no possibility using elevator trim nor throttle from this position.
  3. I followed strictly the orders of the speaker inside the training mission and yes the fuze switching were on and on nose
  4. No explosion of internal bombs after release in the training bomb run so you don’t know what you’ve hit
  5. Does the same jitter for me when bounded on my Warthog HOTAS button on the position of the speed brake button back and aft position same behavior ok with the mouse.
  6. Same shimmering (twinkle) phenomenon as dirty like 0330 mainly visible on fast mission F18 ready on ramp on ground. Looking other ac or building at mid distance or even in the HUD lines are like if no AA was applied au the long distance display glitter like a Christmas tree …. 10700k 32Go NVME SSD 1Tb AMD6900XT reverb G2 on flight it is not really disturbing but on carrier or ground it destroy the display
  7. Every of you forget one more parameter important to the radar: the sensitivity of its receiver and the required S/N ratio to detect ..... is not infinite, better to look at radar equation, at MIT books about theory or skolnik or barton books and swerling curves...also active missile approach warning based on Doppler principle does exist but not at the same frequency of the AI radar which is generally X band. RCS also is linked to frequency and small AA missiles are not detected by Air Intercept radars. Cruise missiles are subsonic and much bigger than AA and can eventually been shot. SAMs have not the same power nor frequency and can detect AGM88 or SLAM that are quite big. Additionnaly a mach 3 or more vehicle stuff will be outside the Doppler bank filters. It is a also inside internal real time operational program of the radar. Otherwise, you can imagine the mess on the display for pilots in a BVR combat with 4 against 4 ships shooting each 3 or 4 missiles in TWS !!!!Plus the opponents' missiles ??? and with no IFF ??? unbelievable period.
  8. YESSSSSSSSSS A thousand of thank you!!!!! I would never have sought about that!!!! I was ready to re installed the whole stuff....I dont understand, I ve never checked this gameplay tick Hourra sorry for my bad english
  9. Impossible to take off in any configuration on ground or CVN. Even in full AB je acceleration is very slow and I reach 150kts end of runway Lack of detected full power prevent launching on CV with the salute button. If salute activated by radio I launch then crash immediately by lack of speed ….what happen? Did I have to restore or repair the FA18 flight model? how to do that ??
  10. Same problem since last update, my hornet does not succeed making the salute I need using the radio function key command. Also it is lacking horribly of power. Even in full AB I crash just after taking off. I think I am not la ounce because max power is not reached ….a big bug
  11. Question, in stp too mode, with only 2 waypoints, do you program the Waypoint 2, which is Target designated on hsi, as STP2 ? I tried a lot of thing but never obtained what I wanted. Either the path was not followed or the altitude programmed led the SLAM into the mountain like it had no altimeter to stay AGL…. Also obtained a very curious oscillation of the flight when approaching a turning point
  12. The waypoint succession is not followed in auto pilot CPL and jump from 2 to 6 impossible to go to waypoint 5 or less Bug of AFFCS CPL wpt seq on MFCD.trk
  13. On Caucasus map, the HSI/SA geography is normally displayed on 40/20/10/5NM scales but for : gulf map 5NM is missing syria map only 10NM scale is populated, Nevada 40/20/5NM scales are populated with map but not 10NM scale Normandy only 10NM scale has a map bug of display of map Nevada on MFCD.trk Bug of display of map Normandy on MFCD.trk bug of display of map syria on MFCD.trk
  14. Weapons armed, A/G mode selected FLIR displayed on RMFD Maverick displayed on LMFD (stores then twice MAV) SOI on FLIR (diamond on the right corner top of the RMFD) Activation of FOV command on HOTAS (I) to switch between Wide/Narrow FOV on the FLIR selected as SOI results of change of the not SOI selected maverick FOV bug of FOV litening.trk
  15. Hi I think there is definetely a bug in the litening since the first version of the 2.7 while I compared it with the stable 2.5 (and all was described about use of the pod on Ytube and also the manual). Once locked in OPR, then ATRAK, it is impossible to get the offset cross middle of the reticle to relocate the pointing to another location. In PTRK, the offset cross does appear while pressing the TDC designation (enter) and can be moved. However, in previous 2.7 update, when pressing again the TDC, it didnt relocalized immediatly the reticle onto the offset position on the MFD display while the diamond in HUD moved well onto this position. You had to cycle through OPR,ATRAK then again PTRK to get the reticle on the new position on the MFD display. With the last update of 20 of may,it is worst, we have the same bad behavior as beforefor ATRAK except that now it is not only fully impossible moving the reticle to the PTRK offset position on the MFD display, even while cycling through OPR and ATRAK but also he HUD never change the diamond position. On the joined trk file, you will see that nothing appears in the center on the reticle in ATRAK while I press many time on the TDC depress HOTAS button and even used the keyboard key. bug of offset ATRAK litening.trk
  16. True for the cancer I'm not medical doctor however I always managed staying outside transmission area particularly of big babies search radars....
  17. The offset cross of AAQ28 you could normally make appeared pushing the TDC depress when in ATRAK in the center of reticle cross does not appear while it is there in the stable 2.5 version….so you cannot move your first target easily to another place. In PTRK, offset cross does exist but reticle does not visually rally the shifted point when TDC depress is pressed after offset cross moving. You need to go back to OPR then return to PTRK to see that move on the cockpit display. However, the diamond and ASL does move immediately on HUD even without going back and forth. Hope fixing this in update….
  18. A self protection jammer can generally jam simultaneously several threats by several means. First there is built in several indépendant channels for indépendant techniques generation, generally at least 3. Second these channels are time shared into a single transmitter and antenna or to several antennas (front and rear for example). This can lead to a jammer power sharing except if jamming is activating the right channel when the right pulse is coming (based on pulses tracking loops or PRI trackers for each threats assuming pulse repetition is not agile…). Third a great number of similar radars like for example AI radars of a group of fighters operating in the same direction and instantaneous bandwidth and close frequencies can be jammed in a single channel having for example instantaneous 500MHz or 1Ghz BW in the X band frequency with the same technique using coherent repeater or transmission principle. By this way you can for example jam simultaneously a group of 4 identical fighters in front of you, a ZSU23/4 on the rear and a SA8 on the right. Additionally jammer can have several dedicated transmitters. Some jammers (and perhaps ASPj…why not….) have a kW traveling wave tube to use against LFR pulse radars like SA8 and a hundredth of W TWT transmitter against pulse Doppler and CW MFR and HFR radars. This can be combined with use of jamming channels. Never forget also that jammers need a receiver acquiring and refreshing their tracks. This can be autonomous or coupled with RWR ….but this is another story ….a lot to say ….
  19. Presently making virtual missions against a well organized simulated air defense using high digit sams and realistic mod as Skynet iads is a pure suicide specially if the terrain is flat and can’t mask the approach. Use of Harm as simulated in DCS is of no use as radars are cooperating to shut down and shorad can target the missiles. During the Kosovo war hundredth of AGM’88 have been shot with no results due to shoot and scoot strategy of opponent while it was much less organized llike a big nation state. This led to further attempts improving the AGM88 with an auxiliary millimeters seeker with a huge increase of cost. However, in real life many Electronic Warfare solutions does exists. For on board jamming, ultimate goal being producing angular jamming only against fox 3 missiles or angle or break lock techniques tracking radars guiding semi active or remote controlled missiles, because otherwise jammer can act as an angular beacon. Being illuminated by a radar in search mode does not kill you except by cancer disease if you stay in too long, missiles will do. Many techniques does exist to do angle jamming and break lock even if it is quite difficult against a true 3 or 4 channels Fox 3 mono pulse seeker or radar. To explain why search radar are generally never jammed by self protection jammers there is at least 3 reasons. First most of them are outside the jamming frequency coverage of SP jammer (under 6GHz) second you don’t know if you have been seen by them until a TWS or STT lock on you (detected by changes in received pulses parameters or more frequent beam illuminations) so no need to cry before having been hurt and reveal your angular position by jamming, third a search radar is looking to a wide spatial angular sector (AESA ) or even 360 degree for classical rotating antennas, looking for targets. That mean that jamming from one direction coming from you will enter into the main antenna lobe only when it is pointed to you leading to either a straight line on the radar PPI if you are producing noises or several dots in the same line if you are producing false targets in range. When the antenna rotates, you will need entering through secondary or even scattered lobes that are much lower (15 to 40 dB less) and so you will need aa huge amount of jamming power that a SP jammer cannot produce. i would like to suggest script programmers creating a real ECM mod allowing a real programming implementation of at least basic jamming techniques (confusion, range or velocity deception, false targets, angle jamming) against dedicated detected SAMs or AI radars once they have been identified by the RWR and so knowledge of their weapon system principle acquired. This could be done based on open source information, nothing secret and could interact more accurately for example using behavioral scripted tables with SAMs actions. Use of stand off/stand in/escort jammer could also perhaps be implemented. I’m not the king of lua scripting….
  20. Compatibility issues between the radar and the jammer can be managed by the time (Look Through for the jammer receiver) and by the frequency. If the jammer is operating in low band for example and the radar in X band, a decoupling of relatives antennas can be sufficient. If the jammer is operating into the radar band for example to jam an AI radar of a fighter it is generally not possible keeping the whole capabilities of the on board radar. In this case, there is generally at least a blanked sector on the radar display.This is of course also related to relatives antennas position on the A/C. Having jammer antennas on wing tips like on EF2000 is better relatively to the radar antenna in the nose. Use of AESA jammer antenna that can have narrow beams pointed directly to the Target can also ease solving compatibility issues better than using wide beam, generally +/-60 as +/-45 El horn antennas. I have eared than EA6B using wing tips radar receivers and under wing jammers could work simultaneously but I never eared a US A/C could have a radar function with a jammer in its band in the same time.
  21. To answer another post about barrage, it seems there is a misunderstanding. Every SP jammer has generally several techniques into its portfolio. Confusion techniques, spot noise, cover pulse and barrage noise (in case of radar frequency agility ECCM) and deception techniques (RGPO/I and VGPO/I). It can also superimpose amplitude modulations against conical scan radars as the SA2 or Hawk system. So barrage noise is a not coherent few undredth of MHz noise transmitted to mask the RCS of the A/C In front a frequency agile radar. It deny the range but provides a good angle tracking mean to radar as the jammer is on board the A/C. Additionally, the jammer power dilution over a wider spectrum of sometimes few hundredth of MHz increases the SSR (see my other post).
  22. For obvious reasons, ECM are mostly badly represented in sims. Particularly jamming. Lack of information about a specific jammer is generally the case. However all the open sources informations about techniques are available in books like the 3 volumes Applied ECM from Leroy Van Brunt. ASPJ is an old generation jammer that encountered lot of problems (see GAO reports…) and was finally accepted by Navy that wanted an on board system at all cost. iDECM RFCM for the E/F type was much better as a truly coherent gate stealer among other. I’m also sorry to tell that chaffs (and flares of course) will be wasted (even on beam aspect angle) against a Doppler SAM as for exemple SA6 or SA11, by experience and according laws of physics they are fully unable to disturb the PD locked radar except if used in coordination with the on board jammer to perform chill (chaff illumination). Beam manœuvres coupled with on board SP jammer Doppler coherent narrow few kHz noise and VGPO ou VGPI (velocity gate pull off/in) is much more effective so closing a Doppler SAM like a sailing boat blows the wind is a good solution...Against a pulse radar like SA8 incohérent white few MHz noise jamming and chaffs are effective denying the echo range position on the A scope of the operator of SA8 specially if they are combined with a RGPO/I range gate pull off or in or both drawing eventually the radar range gate to chaffs when the jamming is emitted by the on board jammer. Time coherency between jamming transmission and gate stealing parameters (distance, accélération…) and chaffs exhaust must be programmed wisely. Flying course as to be done in real life straight to the SA8 and not on beam aspect where you stay always in the same range cell of the radar. I read or hear also very untrue things, since ASPJ has been introduced in DCS, about BTR burn through range value they said making the jammer not usable at short range. First it would have been much better speaking of SSR self screening range that take into account the S/N ratio, typically 11 to 17dB, needed by the radar receiver performing its detection and not dealing with the power received versus distance crossing curves at 0dB value. Then SSR or BTR are only valid parameters if jammer transmits spot or barrage noise which are very poor techniques, over the echo signal returned, if deception modes are used like VGPO or RGPO, the J/S ratio becomes infinite because there is no more S in the radar range window or Doppler filters so you can jam the radar at very close range, even during ACM at few NM, of course if the deception is successful vs radar ECCM. Additionally, a Doppler radar uses a mandatory automatic CFAR constant false alarm rate receiver that adjust the threshold always above the noise received that means it is easier to desensitize that the eyes of a trained operator over a good old raw radar PPI and his hand on the threshold adjustment. Generally speaking ECM and ECCM are poorly rendered in DCS except perhaps flares, compared to Falcon 4 APG68 simulation for exemple where the EW symbology is quite correct. Also it’s a pity Gen X has not yet been introduced as it is the only valid angular off board jamming defense of the C/D generation against an active mono pulse Fox 3 missile seeker while generating off board bigger than A/C, RCS by using active repeater techniques...Of course, delivering an active decoy like Gen X would require also an active missile approach warning as life duration of the decoy is very limited...Towed decoys are also nice for angle off board active jamming against mono pulse tracking with some flight path limitations but they are only implemented on E/F A/C...More to say but it would be too long….
  23. by experience 44NM on front aspect F-16 looks quite good for APG-73
  24. Just bought the campaign and on first mission after 20mn of flight trying to climb 25000ft I had engine cut off ...(I used auto start of so normally no soucy) why ??? Also does it exist kneeboards for each missions gathering info given in the briefing as well as check lists?
  25. Hi, I downloaded the required mods, as your given 1drive link is dead I installed the: VPC-Airfield Equipment 0.9.4 beta.zip and the patch VP Object -20210427T133942Z-001_patch.zip the the shapes directory of main/ However, putting directly the mods into saved games/DCSopenbeta/Mods/tech/main for VPC, NatoGF in tech as well as Civil Aircraft in mods/aircraft, every time I load a base static file like UAE or DUBAI intl (but also plenty of others), when I launch the flight, I get a window: DX11RENDERER error : shader " model/fake_omni_lights.fx " failed to compile HRESULT:ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND with retry or cancel leading both to a game crash. what could be going wrong and how to fix that??? Curiously, It seems I succeeded late last night at least one time to go through the error with the standard VPC (not patched) with an installation using MODMANFX64 but I could not been able to reproduce it today.... I am using the 2.7 version of DCS beta and I have a huge PC configuration with 32Go RAM and 16Go of VRAM in a radeon 6900XT Thanks for your help if possible because your mod is really nice and it's a pity I could not use it I was ready to be delighted to see the AL DHAFRA AFB where I spent a lot of time in all its splendor...
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