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  1. I got latest version of game and latest version of AMD drivers. Problem persists. And the log file.. dcs.log
  2. I can confirm this bug on every multiplayer server I played on. They all have CTLD. I have not tried it in singleplayer. I have not tested exhaustively, but general feeling is that some waypoints added are ignored. I usually get reasonable results if I create two waypoints close to each other, where I would usually use one.
  3. Same issue, AMD Radeon 6800. dcs.log
  4. Hi, did you find a fix for this? I got the exact same thing.
  5. I have this exact thing, too. Server says it's up, it shows up on "My Servers" list when logging on to https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/ server page. It can be accessed and administered thru webgui. But it does NOT show up on server list in-game. Had server with exact same setup before, then it worked without problems. Server is on a Windows VM in a TrueNAS-server.
  6. Hi, not sure if this is feature or bug. I haven't seen it mentioned in changelog or on forums, so I thought I'd mention it. When using AIM-9 (mostly X, but true for M as well) the BORE functionality with HMCS has turned from functioning both horizontally and vertically to functioning horizontally only in one of the last betas (I'm currently using To be clear, when using HMCS to lock AIM-9X to enemies, looking sideways still works well, but missile seeker ("missile diamond") does not follow HMCS sight when looking up or down. I've tried different setups and modes, and beha
  7. Then you probably have a different problem, my friend.
  8. Hallo, thanks for a great mod! I trying to find a full and current unit list for DCS, with technical names included, for use with the CTLD config file. Found an old one on a steam forum, but haven't been able to find a current one.
  9. I followed this guide, it worked before, and it works now. Clear mouse axises Set a modifier Set each axis with modifier and then use axis tune to invert each one. Then set mouse axis without modifier for each axis for regular in-cockpit use.
  10. Yup, the method I described above works again in openbeta 200930 update, and also 201002 update. edit: Sorry, didn't properly read your question. It works for all modules I'm using (AJS37, F-16, Mi-8, FC3, Ka-50, among others). If I remove mouse look settings, mouse look is disabled. Default mouse look settings are the same as they were before 200930 update.
  11. Functionality seems restored in open beta update (200930). Thankyouu ED
  12. I concur. I have had settings for mouse look to invert all axis with a modifier (because DCS has these settings backwards in external views, compared to every other game I play). This does not work anymore, and furthermore the settings for the mouse axis seems to make no difference whatsoever. No matter what I put in there, the game uses default settings. I tried resetting the settings for "General" and "UI Layer" as well, but to no avail. edit: Just to be clear, this is for the Open Beta 200923 update. Release version is unaffected.
  13. Mouse look binding got broken in 23/9 update. I used an inverted external look by setting mouse look with a modfier, and inverted axis. Can't get it to work now, no matter what I try.
  14. I think I have this issue as well. Not completely sure about the new modes yet, but trying to do CCRP bombing can result in HUD marking and CCRP guide pointing to some point that is definately not the target, even though target is properly set in the TGP.
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