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  1. Watched the video; still not seeing anything that says to hold / wait / anything related; or anything that is informative in such nature. I guess I'll keep.... waiting more?
  2. I don't know if I'm misreading something, or not understanding something somewhere, but in a clear state of mind I tried it again, with no change. I see nothing in briefing about how it's supposed to work or in the radios about how it's supposed to work other than start at my own leisure, but even a looooooong time after startup and nothing happening... well nothing happens. There's no information given to me as to why I cannot take off or do anything. I'm sorry but this is just stupid at this point, and would love to hear what I'm doing wrong. I
  3. I am stuck at the beginning of Mission 2; as soon as I'm ready to take off and do so... not even 30 seconds into flying it keeps saying "the mission has failed!" What am I missing??? There's virtually no instructions here, and it's very frustrating. I tune into the freq and am told to start whenever I want, so... I do so, there's no menu to request startup or otherwise so I continue on with my business. Seriously where am I going wrong? Three attempts, last one I just sat waiting for another ten minutes and nothing happened. I've given up, the lack
  4. Me. I have had a single crash, day after 2.7 dropped, after deleting FXO and Metashaders, the load times were severe and it was likely more my fault that it crashed. So believe it or not.... yeah, there are people out there who literally haven't experienced anything that I've seen around. I've been pretty active on the Discord server and have seen a lot of weird bugs and crashes etc. But somehow, I have not experienced any of it, nor has my [low user count] server.
  5. 'preciate it! I'd say if I need to provide anything let me know, but I think it's fairly well covered and needs no real follow through kind of tracks. I want this campaign to be good, I know it can be! Pesky weird bugs just gotta ruin the fun.
  6. Without the ability to control the vehicles is already a problem as it is. I don't even know how much time I attempted to spend on this first mission, but it's... it's bad, no other words can describe how embarrassingly awful it is other than... it doesn't work. And I don't mean the game crashes doesn't work.... but... it does... not... work. To the point where this shouldn't even be on the store. I don't generally regret purchases, but ED, this just isn't acceptable. I can probably share all the tracks anyone would ever need but I think it's unnecessar
  7. Well remember, 2.2 is default (mine has been set to 2.1 since the 2.0 days) Also that Gamma is more about contrast than actual light/dark, and by having such a low gamma, you're decreasing all midtones down into very dark colors (which would be those entire displays). From those pictures though, the sky looks equally as bright, the ground loses some contrast, but I'm definitely not seeing whatever it is you are. It's entirely possible your monitor is brighter than it should be or you have something else going on. But gamma... is not... a brightness slider, and it i
  8. I can't find very many sources of how bright the MFDs the Vipers are on a bright and sunny day, but from what I have found, they definitely do not appear to be anywhere near as bright as the green screens in the Hornet. From the images and photos I can find in broad daylight, my screenshots don't look that far off in brightness. Could brightness improve for the sake of the game? Yes a little more brightness wouldn't hurt. But I wouldn't call it a problem; not like they were a bug in the Hornet at least.
  9. Gamma too low? Tried to replicate your scene some; I wouldn't say the MFDs are the brightest things in the world when trying to beat out the sun but... mine seem perfectly legible.
  10. This and cockpit-only shadows would be absolutely tremendous in terms of performance gains for a lot of people.
  11. I'm not sure what else to call this, and sadly I cannot provide a track, only screenshots separated by a minute after reloading the mission. I also know, according to others on the discord that I'm not the first person to have this issue. Again, not entirely sure what causes this, but I'll attach a log, and screenshots. As far as the log goes, before closing DCS, it occured once, went to mission end screen, hit "fly again", and it happened again. Went back to mission editor, and reloaded the mission and the lighting correct itself.... hopefully something is visible from t
  12. Confirming this is happening much the same in the F5E as well.
  13. Hoping I can get others to help me get tracks of this; but was happening to myself and a friend in a rainy weather setting, and climbing through a certain altitude the HUD glass would appear / disappear. It was a long multiplayer track so I will have to set up a quick one and try to get further details. But wanted to let others know; this is... definitely a bug. Pipper itself is always visible; but the reflection / darkness of the glass itself disappears.
  14. I think the F14 is just the "worst of the bunch" due to the assets loaded versus everything else. I had a few lockups but not really any CTDs last night (until I clicked the screen lmao); it's a brand new build though, m.2 nvme on everything, 3070, 10850K, it's no slouch, but the F14 last night at times took upwards of like... 3 minutes to load in (longer than the entire game itself). Definitely cleaned out metashaders and FXO, will keep an eye on it. It was the only aircraft I had that happen to consistently last night, but will keep an eye on it. It could have been re
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