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  1. Ah I see well thank you I still have a lot to learn with mission editing
  2. Problem solved it worked thank you!
  3. Ah I see I am willing to do that! What will I lose when i delete that folder? Thank you so much!
  4. Here it is, the loadout on either a10c looks to be there but when I try and load it does not work
  5. I have no idea how to fix this and it is frustrating, I am working on my own mission and the a10c I spawn into on the ground does not load the weapons when I press load all, it only shows red boxes where the weapons are. I don't know if i did something wrong with the start up or in the ME but Im pretty sure the ME because I have been starting up that way for years.
  6. You can then set the hptp after you designate a point by selecting another waypoint on the hsi and then clicking the hptp OSB.
  7. I think one way that I accidentally bore sight the tgp is selecting a gbu or something when it is in PP mode. But when I set the weapon to TOO mode the tgp will flick right back to my designated point.
  8. One thing I have noticed about the tracking is that it seems to miss and go right, right at the end but that really doesn't mean anything I still get the kill, one thing I hope is not accurate is that you can only see the final target area at the end and have a very short time to slew to the correct target. Will there be a way to look around without changing the coarse of the SLAM or does that not exist?
  9. Also one more question, what is STP? I was not described in Wags video and I have no idea what it does or if it is implemented.
  10. My first question is that whenever I deselect the SLAM in the stores page, and then click back on, it has to realign completely which takes 2:30 minutes. This is not the case for any jdam or jsow. It is also annoying because in order to launch multiple SLAMs you have to deselect slam in order to see the feed from the datalink, so you have to realign no matter what. Is there another way of viewing the camera feed from my currently launched SLAM without having to realign my next SLAM? (I am just doing what Wags did) Also another issue I had with the SLAM is that sometimes when the seeker acti
  11. Since the F/a-18 roadmap has announced that they aim to include the mk 77, I was wondering if this would mean an update to the current fire effects. My first question: Will the firebombs have an advantage when it comes to trying to do something other than instantaneous damage, i.e, will the bombs do a certain amount of damage over time? Second: Will there be any spread to the fire after bomb deployment.. will the radius of damage expand over time? Third: Will it have different effects based on the terrain? Like can it cause a forest fire or maybe do extra damage in an urban situation? Fou
  12. That might be because you set the bearing or designated waypoint to be in front of you (depending on if you are in BOL or R/BL mode) and the fixed point or htpt to be behind you. This is confusing because I don't think the harpoon is capable of turning more than 90 degrees at launch or when passing the fixed point. So I think that might not be realistic. Had it locked on by the time it made a U turn?
  13. Ah ok, I was a little excited that it might be real. The ship is like "*phew* that was close!..... SHES COMING BACK AROUND!!!" La mao
  14. I am a hornet user who is currently having fun with the harpoon, one thing I noticed is that when flying in SKIM mode after detecting a ship, if the harpoon is not flying low enough, it will fly over the ship and then loop back by pulling an Immelmann style maneuver and fly to as high as 10k feet (as far as I can tell) before looping back down and hitting the previously detected ship in what seems to me like POP mode rather than SKIM. It will hit the target sometimes after pulling this loop at angles of 80 degrees. My question is, is this at all realistic? I couldn't find a thread about it (
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