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  1. Congratulations! Thanks for MB-339! It best news that you stand official 3rd party developer and MB-339 is now modul!
  2. Hello! Any updates? Looking forward to this plane! :smilewink: May be some screens? :smilewink:
  3. Great work! I look forward to it!
  4. You make my day! Wait this mod!
  5. nibbylot, thank you for your patch! Now it work very well! I have feeling that the piloting is more obedient ;-)
  6. Hello, nibbylot! Thanks for your grate job! I found some sadly bug: when Increase N1 RPM to 100% and get above 100%, the N1 RPM return to 60%. With it go down the power of engine. And some one else: when Increase N1 RPM to 100%, the chopper begin turn on the spot. But the engine control knob stay on start position (by 0). I'm looking forward next update your great mod!
  7. Hello! Is there any news?
  8. Hello! Thank you for your work! I'm need help with GBU on SEM. It don't come off the rails. What is solution?
  9. Hello! I'm have some trouble with use GBU-12 (and 16 too) for Mirage F1CT. The first bomb is go away without problems, but next bomb is detonates on my wing. What I do wrong? Or this is just a bug?
  10. Great job! I got fun with this mod! It will be cool to have some addition textures to it! :thumbup:
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