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  1. Is it just me or does it crash on mission start in 2.7?
  2. Will the current planned 1.0 release state has custom sfm and avionics or will they use avionics from FC3 Aircraft?
  3. Anyone have a problem of missing controls? I can't find cyclic/collective controls. A quick search didn't reveal anything, and it doesn't seem like anyone else has that problem.
  4. If you guys make it official, maybe we can get a more advanced version with Air-Air weaponry like the R-40 or better missiles, so i'm all aboard on that. (Besides slappin the F-14 with long ramge AAM gonna feel good)
  5. Yes, i know it's fictional. Does anyone know how you make it work? In missile_data.lua i changed its head type to 3 and added the CLSID to the Su-33's pylon 5. It shows up, it fires but immediately detonate due to no passive radar seeker. Normally the radio_seeker is inside missile_table.lua but the Kh-41 is not in there, where can i add it a radio seeker to make it work?
  6. Is the pic gone? Curious as to what it looks like
  7. It's the Helmet Ring Displacement setting, if you set it to zero it'll be center of screen, and to negative and it goes under i.e it dissapears into the bottom of the screen. Pretty neat setting. It's the most obvious indication that thise special settings are set to default to me.
  8. This was back in the last stable, that is, i have yet to test it on the new stable, so that might be it. Was your HMS fine too? Thank you for your help.
  9. Is this for OB or the current Stable? And boi i loved Memory of the Hero, one of my favourite and definitely my favourite Ka-50 and Mi-8 campaign. Looking forward to this!
  10. Anyone know which FM do they use? For example. the could use an Mi-8 FM and Ka-50 cockpit, does that work?
  11. The Settings under the Special tab of the options seems to all be set to the default ones, specifically on the Ka-50 i have the Helmet Ring Displacement (Degrees) set to 0, so center of view, and Trimmer mode to Joystick without spring and FFB. However the Helmet Ring Displacement in the mission is set to the default value of degrees (dom't remember the exact value), so the HMS is not center of view and will be out of frame once you zoom in, the Trimmer mode is set to "Default" as well. As far as i've played this is not a problem on other Ka-50 missions.
  12. As the title suggested, the mission Ka-50 doesn't have the special setting options that the player set and instead is set to the default ones. This is noticable with the Helmet Ring Displacement and the Trimmer Mode options. Is this intended for Mission 4 or is it a bug? Thank you in advance.
  13. Mission 4: "Sea Wolf" - Ka-50 Special Settings not applied? [Deleted]
  14. +2 Why is everyone doing a +1 )))
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