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  1. After someone shoot me, the power all lost, including the hud and fuel indicator, why the system wont say "left engine fire, right engine fire, apu fire, warning etc.."
  2. Yes, the paint job for f-18 jhmcs helmet
  3. I looked the kneeboard suite below and wondering what is the windshield.
  4. where is the windshield switch and what is it used for? thanks
  5. I especially like the purple one, would you don't mind please remove the name on the helmet, so I can put my name on, thanks
  6. anyway to switch target but not making my antenna change from MAN/BIAS to AUTO?
  7. How to turn on/off the yellow triangle on those page?
  8. Everytime when I stall, my engine come out with white smoke. is it also same with bf109k4?
  9. Normally I turn INS into CV/GND (depend on airfield or carrier spawn), then wait for 90s for alignment, then switch it to IFA. But last time when I switch to IFA (after 90s, "ok" display in hsi), the left ddi display "INS ATT" advise, then after 20s, hsi say "ok" again, "INS ATT" gone in left ddi. But, the hsi still counting time, also doesn't have the "auto" soft button. that mean it wont switch waypoint automatically. I really dont understand. thanks
  10. wow, you are pro, that because I removed the brake. thank you
  11. sometime it say "adv-p/ins",and sometime "adv-heat" what those mean?
  12. you are right, 10:00am, i am not able to join because i am working in office in that time.
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