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  1. So after continuing to have these issues even after receiving my new RTX2080TI I was asked by the Tech guys at Scan to wipe all partitions and do a fresh install of everything to see if it help.............. And no joy, I also have a HX 750W psu so I thought worth a try. Didnt make a difference at all. Scan computers told me I had two options, RMA the card for a second time or RTB my full system. So the full system is going back Monday clearly this issue is much bigger than I originally thought.
  2. That's the only thing I can think of now to be fair, I'll call them in the morning see what can be sorted out. Thanks for all your help and Advice it has been much appreciated.
  3. So although this post is labelled ( Oculus Rift VR Issue ) I'd like to point out I had the same issue when trying my Reverb VR, So my replacement card arrived today. I was told this card was tested however all security seals still in place. Anyway new card fitted and the exact problem is still there, chances of having a 2and faulty card ?
  4. Just thought I'd give a quick update. My card was received and tested yesterday from Scan computers my RTX2080TI was found be be faulty. As of yet I dont know the actual fault but I will do my best to find out. Although my PSU is 550w and Nvidia recommends a min 650w for this card it's not seen as a factor in this issue. 2012532281800xxx SN of my card last 3 replaced with " xxx " This fault however only occurs when using VR
  5. Yes I agree that did show that the problem wasnt with Rift to be fair, however I did want a better quality VR, The GPU was sent back yesterday 14th so they should have it by now. I'm hoping to have a gpu back by Friday. So we should know for sure. Either way I'll be sure to pop back and post my findings
  6. Had a nice surprise this morning, notification on Amazon that my VR will be arriving today and not ( Thursday ) bonus or so I thought. All installed and what do you know..... The problem is still there! Could cry right now ( give me strength)
  7. Regarding the PSU as I have been scratching my head for over a week now with this issue, i did check specs of the card and i noticed my PSU was 100w lower that what nvidia recommends a min ( 650w ) I mentioned this to Scan who told me they are aware of this and are offering a free upgrade of a PSU to 650w. However I'm thinking of paying some extra and getting an 850w to give me plenty of breathing space and be future proof so to speak. The one thing I cant figure out though is this only started after Oculus update. Maybe just a coincidence ?
  8. So checked all the above card is seated as it should be however the problem is still there, Also had an Email from Oculus today to say they still cant find any problems with my log files but are still looking in to the matter. I can ( RMA ) my gpu and I should have a replacement back 48hrs after they receive my gpu. But I have also ordered a new VR head set
  9. Its definitely picking my RTX2080TI up as my onboard graphics are not capable of vr. Sn my oculus in plugged in to my GPU, I will however check and make sure its seated tomorrow but fans are running freely.
  10. No other GPU unfortunately, but I have tried my oculus on a friends PC and my oculus is performing as it should. He as a GTX 1060 3GB Yeah the buzz starts as soon as I losd anything in VR then goes away after I quit VR. Just to add I have just tried my friends Oculus rift on my system and it's the same flickering image in the head set, Its flickering under the trees and like jagged around other aircraft. Now changing settings the picture quality is improving getting sharper etc... but the flickering and jagged stuff still remains
  11. Hi, what's DDU ?? No I haven't tried that but I assume I went a step further by doing a factory restart on my pc ? Fresh install out of the box pc ? So quick update just watched a video on YouTube regarding the DDU, followed the instructions and reinstalled all drivers, no change at all. But thanks anything is worth a go,
  12. My spec RTX2080TI 16GB DDR4 CORSAIR CX550M PSU So I'm experiencing some issues while I'm in VR . Ithis is a new pc build from a uk company called SCAN. ( Feb 2020 ) I'd like to note that everything was running perfect with NO issues at all for 38ish hours. Total pc usage is approx 100 hrs use I turned my pc on one afternoon Oculus did an update I went on VR and as soon as VR display loaded my GPU started to buzz and the oculas display was all flickering So if you load in the F18 " instant action " 2and one down start on the ramp. So cockpit instruments are a little fuzzy around
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