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  1. Hi Pikey, I must thank you for your precious suggestions, on my side as mainly SP player, I tried to do an effort to improve this tool to be share with the whole community. As you intended original design is string SP oriented. I will try to explain my point of view about the points you listed and how I tried to extend the use case for MP and virtual squadrons: Multiple pilots are a direct heritage of the SP concept, personally I have 26 characters from various nations and various simulations I played from the first years of 2000s; I slavishly logged any event and
  2. Hi Nealius, You can download updated version with this bug fixed! Thanks for the help! Bye
  3. HI Nealius, Can you please send me a copy of the log file? Thanks
  4. Hi Monk, Thanks a lot to you! About you question: the "wounded" status is acquired by a wound event. Once a new mission is registered for the pilot it is flagged immediately as an active pilot. Also for "dead" status is quite the same, I left this quite free in order to match any sort of pilot management desired for instance, once a pilot is flagged as "dead" you can create a new pilot (inside a user) and use it as a new respawn or, if you prefer, "ressurect" him logging in a new mission. By the way you can undo quite everything, only be sure to preserve a copy of t
  5. Hi Jbertin, Have you created a pilot inside Logbook? This dropdown list pilots from Logbook to add mission to. Bye
  6. Hi Speed of heat, It may happen when a mission does not have success points. Parser app read of a mission has more than 50/100 points. The walkaround is to open and edit the mission and set It as successful.
  7. Me too had some troubles and after lot of retries only 2 times I managed to shot down main wave but then: 1. Tried joker, and almost nothing happens, F14 are really far away I think outside Phoenix range. So, after some loitering, I returned to carrier, then my wingman had some juice and returned alone over Iran where something happened and my two mates took off. (Here I think at least one Mig29 from the first wave escaped and survived). A lot of jumps in the water later... 2. Tried tiger, headed exactly to 335 for 70 from rock, I surpassed 335 for 7
  8. Hi both, I found a issue in the log files, it comes out that with this trigger state: "GunnersAISkill" a double comma is rendered breaking json file... By the way I applied I fix, new version is out bypassing the issue. Thanks for the help Enjoy!
  9. Hi Nealius, It means the application found an issue with the log file you entered, would you please share that file with me? I would be able to fix or at least find the reason. Thanks
  10. Hi Mentos, As I remember, if you are squadron commander, you can edit any detail for the pilots in your squadron. You can't only edit users owning the pilot. So you can manage both ranks and awards.
  11. Hi Nealius and Reccelow, Thanks for the suggestion, I'm already working on this feature. Something similiar was already asked and I place it in plan some time ago. I hope soon it will be ready something.
  12. Hi Victor3, Somebody can create a pilot as aggressor, to do so ranks are needed. But no problem! I just created an allegiance named "U.S. Air Force Aggressors" with same rank as U.S. Air Force.
  13. Hi Victor3, Sure, but what ranks do you think should be more appropriate? Thanks!
  14. Hi Survival, Thanks! Now it is fixed, helicopters had a different type of places. New version is avalaible to download. Bye
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