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  1. Хочу данный мод, жду предложений.
  2. Здрасте! Так и не решилась проблема с модулем? Не поделитесь?
  3. Everything would be class, but the fuel tanks are empty and there are fatal problems when launching missiles from pylons 4 and 6.
  4. Hi Your mod blocks work from aircraft carriers. When flying from land, everything is fine.
  5. You are just super, your work is great. Create more mods, and we will wake up to clap our hands and rejoice with you.
  6. Why refueling doesn't work on the Su-57? Does everyone have it? How to fix?
  7. когда карта будет в релизе?
  8. у меня на релизе и Су35 и су30см пашет
  9. Так и делайте, молодцы. Су-24 нужен НАМ.
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