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  1. Лучше бы видео пуска ракет показали...
  2. Hello. Can you show how you use the X-35 and X-58 in the video?
  3. All the same, thanks. We still have to work.
  4. All the same, thanks. We still have to work.
  5. Unfortunately, it is thrown out of the DCS in the cockpit.
  6. Могу что нибудь найти по Ил-18...
  7. Make the Yak-36 under the control of the pilot. Minsk ... Headache .. The level of the deck rises to the bow and lowers to the stern. Accordingly, there is no hook, the landing deck course does not correspond to the approach course. Screenshots later.
  8. On the Su-30M, the refueling rod's contact point is shifted upward. Everything seems to be fine on the Su-30MKI.
  9. Without insulting the work of the mod, maybe anyone needs it. https://dropmefiles.net/ru/2CNH
  10. what? Where? what for? maybe it's time to come up with an absolute weapon, otherwise it already brings teeth. It blew cold ...
  11. I have both mods, this is not observed.
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