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  1. Hi, Let me know what I am doing wrong here... - I'm flying the A10CII in orbit around some ground targets... - I set the targeting pod to SOI and lock in on a ground target with point track. - I use the laser designator to get a more precise reading of the distance. At this point it looks like I have created a SPI on the ground target with the TPod. - Next I make my Maverick SOI and then slave the Maverick to my SPI. Now because I am still in orbit I reach the gimbal limits of the Maverick before I can see the ground target through the Maverick missile, however the mi
  2. I was flying the A10CII and trying to refuel from Texaco 1-1. I cant remember if I have Instant Select enabled....I'll look.
  3. Thanks man... you are right, I just checked. When I'm in the cockpit Easy Communications is "OFF". I am having a problem though which was the reason I was asking about Easy Communications..., but maybe its not related to VIACOM PRO. What is happening is; I was in the Aerobatics Online server to practice Aerial Refueling, I tuned my radio to "241" and was able to talk to the tanker... however after a few comms back and forth my radio would switch to "242" and I would end up talking to a different tanker. In case Aerial refueling wasn't hard enough I kept having to tune my radio back to "241
  4. In DCS I have Easy Communications turned off, however Viacom Pro has them "ON" when I go to the Cntrl/Alt/C screen it shows that Easy Communications is "ON". I used to have Easy Comms on, but turned it off because I no longer need it. Do you guys have any idea why I cant get Viacom pro to not use it?
  5. I just finished building a new PC to run DCS. Now I'm at the step of moving all of my configurations over to the new PC. I took the drive out of the old PC and moved it to the new one so I have direct access to all of the files. I've also installed all of the software onto the new PC. So now comes the substantial task of configuration. Are there some files that I can just copy to the new installation locations so that I don't have to manually re-do each setting for all of the apps I use with DCS? Any tips you can offer? The apps I need to re-configure are: - DCS - (Im gues
  6. I only fly in VR (Pimax 8KX). When I am configuring my load out the UI responds very slowly. For example when I pick "Rockets" it takes a few seconds for the list to appear. The UI locks up and I have to stay still for a while until things start being responsive again. Its really annoying. I was watching a Youtube video and I noticed that the guy in the video wasn't having that problem. Anyone else have slow response from the loadout menus? Is it a VR issue? Its annoying. Makes configuring a loadout take a really long time.
  7. I usually fly the A10C with the Throttles up against the "detent". (I have a Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle so I have an actual detent.) I thought that with the throttles up against the detent I was in Mil Power for the A10C. I usually only go beyond the detent (which on other jets would be afterburner) when taking off or when I need to make haste out of a dicey situation. It's my understanding that the A10 doesn't have an afterburner. So aside from using a little more fuel is it bad to fly for long periods of time in that area beyond the detent? Like could it cause overheating or some oth
  8. I've had a few engine fires in my left engine for no apparent reason. At first I thought that I might have been hit and thats what caused the fire, but it happened tonight and yesterday and I'm almost positive that it wasn't due to getting hit. I thought maybe I was over-stressing the engine too so on this last flight I kept throttle at like 90%... still had a fire anyway.
  9. Thanks guys... You were right... it was the mask issue. The reason I am seeing it now is that we didn't have laser guided rockets on the old A10 so I am attempting to do something different with the new A10 that I wasn't doing with the old one. Essentially, I was trying to set up my "laze" while I was still in orbit around the target. My plan was stay in orbit, laze... then turn in and fire the rocket. I began to notice that I had a much better chance of getting a successful laze the closer the target was to bore sight and so therefore not masked.
  10. I got pretty proficient with the A10C but now since the A10CII I find myself running into all sorts of issues. One of them is how to employ the targeting pod laser. As long as the targeting pod is SOI is there any reason why the laser might not fire? Before the A10CII release I remember being able to fire the laser designator pretty easily. Now it seems like there might be some conditions or settings that I am unaware of to get it to fire? For example: - Do you need to have the target already locked up as a POINT track target to fire the laser? - Does a specific weapon
  11. So is it in fact correct that you need to have the DSMS up on one of the MFCD's and HUD as SOI in order to cycle through the profiles using the left/right DMS button? I just upgraded my release level yesterday, (I only run the stable releases) and I've noticed some changes in my ability to change weapons profiles. I thought I remember being able to change profiles with DMS left/right with almost any sensor as SOI before the A10CII release.
  12. Ok... thats clever, I can see how that might work. I'll give that a shot. So when you are done interacting with the radios, how do you get back to the "standard" cockpit view? Do you just hit "re-center" a second time to go back to normal?
  13. Do you fly the A10C in VR? Have you ever interacted with the CDU or the radios? I find it incredibly difficult to get my body into a position that allows me to interact with those. I find the same thing in the F14 when changing the channels on the Tacan. Its made extra difficult by the fact that the panels are "aged" so the labels are hard to see. The way I solve the problem now is to use a view command to slide my "view" all the way back as far as it will go and then do what I need to do and then slide my seat forward again.
  14. This seems odd. I thought the Flashlight was just a handheld flashlight. Is this a bug?
  15. Hi folks, Is it possible to set up snap views when using VR? I use a Pimax 8K headset and I'm trying to set up snap views for the left side and right side consoles in the A10C. However every time I create one the view angle isn't what I've specified. Also, many of the camera move commands don't seem to work at all, however I think I'm starting to figure out that those don't work in TrackiR and probably don't work in VR for the same reason? I'm interested in snap views of the consoles because I'm trying to set up for radio, tacan and CDU operation.
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