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  1. Check that you have DCS open beta. Maybe you have installed stable version...
  2. Server is online and there are people on it. New open beta update will be applied to it in next 12 hours
  3. We thought about it and so far stuck at how much water it can really realistically take. Maybe something like crop dusting is more real (yes we had crop dusting in our roadmap as possibility too).
  4. Did not reproduce it yet. Probably better to wait for upcoming patch and check after it. We have added some bad weather missions back in rotation with less time to mission change in them. What is your ping? Which VR mods are not passing IC?
  5. We are reviewing some discord options. As for frequencies, we can put some in briefing, but general assumption was that people can choose their own. Also in-game DCS voice comms with aircraft radio implemented are coming..
  6. Dont worry! When in the air you need to also press Alt to open the Radio Menu! It is called F10 Radio Menu because all mission relevant functions are within F10 after you openend the menu
  7. Hello all! We're glad you like our server this much! Based on your feedback we are adjusting a few values here and there. In one mission we have very hot conditions (40°C) which makes the huey struggle with 1500kg of additional weight. So the huey's max load will be reduced a little bit to 1300kg, at the same time we are extending the time it takes to unload all water. This means despite having less water loaded the Huey should still be more effective than before! We plan to add a feature for the pilot to select the maximum amount of water to be loaded individually so you ca
  8. We're glad we're seing many of you try our new feature! One thing we noticed is that many pilots struggle to find the best strategy to keep the fire contained resulting in the fire growing extremely large in size Like in real life if you drop a lot of water into the center of the fire it will not keep the fire from growing at all. However, if you drop the water in front of the fire as seen in the graphic below, the fire will not be able to grow past the blue lines. If you work your way from the outside to the inside, you will be able to thin the fire out. After you close the
  9. We are proud to introduce a new feature to our civilian ops server: Fire Fighting! First things first, like our Search and Rescue feature this is of course an approximation based on what DCS currently allows us to do, which is pop smoke and adjust aircraft weight. Nevertheless we did our best to immerse you into an intense fight against time. The longer it takes the bigger the fire will get. It starts with just one small fire but it will grow fast. To fight fires all you need to do is pick up water with your Helicopter. Since we cannot change the weight of sling-loads we opted f
  10. We will think about it. Currently we are working on fire fighting concept, taking some time already..
  11. We had to change and update some things on machine that is running server. Now its up.
  12. New changes are online: - added bearing to mission and base-directions - improved overal message display - switched back to infantry units instead of carrier personel - fixed a few bugs in the system that could potentially break functionality
  13. Just checked, it seems to be working. Did you try to change player slots?
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