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  1. I guess I wasn't specific enough about when the drives spin up. It's not while playing a game, it's when my PC is idle and semi-idle (ie word processing, emails etc). edit: I should probably clairify my copy protection statement as well. I don't want this to turn into another "it's evil blah blah blah" thread. I don't think StarForce is a good solution, it works well, no one can dispute that. I just highly doubt anyone bought 1.1 that wasn't going to regardless of what copy protection was used.
  2. The only problem I have is StarForce (well I assume it to be StarForce as it didn't happen until I installed a StarForce protected game) spins my CD drives up to full RPM at somewhat regular intervals if there is a CD in them. I think that copy protection just hurts people who buy the game because I think those who would steal it didn't/will not go out and buy it.
  3. http://www24.brinkster.com/x36driver/ is where it was last I saw, it's sourceforge page redirects to the link starlight posted. I have the 5.13 version installed but I don't have the installer for it anymore. It works fairly well once you figure out the profiler the guy wrote but since it is an analog joystick you need to set some good sized dead zones on the axes.
  4. Well, whatever was going on it hasn't happened for a while so it may have sorted itself out. So other than the somewhat longer mission load times I'm liking 1.1 :)
  5. No, nothing new. I had 1.02 running the day before I installed 1.1 without problem. I might try a reinstall without patching to 1.02 but I don't see that making a difference as the FC build will have those changes in it.
  6. It is a 1.1 installation, I just installed it June 2nd, I never had this problem with 1.02. I'll try out the suggestions when I get home. The crash with the reference to 0x00000000 happened when selecting open mission from the main menu after exiting campaign mode. The 0xffffffff reference comes after pressing fly in a multiplayer mission. It will almost finish loading (based on how long I'm waiting on the loading screen, I would expect it was about to say 'waiting for server' but it crashes).
  7. At random times I get a crash with the error message 'The instruction at "0x0bf16b78" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read".' At other times the null memory reference is "0xffffffff" I'm assume both these errors have the same cause (the instruction location has been the same everytime I think, I didn't write it down the first couple times). Does anyone know whats going on?
  8. my copy just got here today, but it's trapped at the post office until tomorrow :(
  9. I haven't received it yet, but it's only been about a week since they told me it has been sent out
  10. I was only relaying what was said here http://forum.lockon.ru/showpost.php?p=60965&postcount=6
  11. I thought they said verisign required a bank in the US, which ED doesn't have
  12. My locks were through EOS, I find it much more reliable than the MiG29s radar (in 1.02 atleast, I don't have 1.1 as of yet) and I don't like to give away my position unless someone already has a lock on me. To answer GOYA, yes the EOS can pick up tail aspect contacts at at least that range in the other modes.
  13. I have had locks with vertical scan at about 50km but you have to be tailing the target. Head on I can't get a lock until the target is about 15km(sometimes it's <10km which I think is rediculus), usually well after I can clearly see the plane.
  14. Sorry if this has been already answered, I sort of skimmed to here, but is the 40% hardware change as in 40% from time of initial install or does it progressively update itself (ie. after a video card or other relatively minor upgrade) so that you have to replace 40% of the hardware at once?
  15. That looks like the wrong texture being applied to a building/tree. Usually it's from alt-tabbing out. It sometimes gets worse before it gets better, but it will fix itself if you alt-tab enough.
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