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  1. Hello, I was creating a mission today and stumbled across a bug where two Hornets spawn on top of each other on catapult 4. This causes the second Hornet to fall through the deck and proceed to explode nearby aircraft still on the deck. I have attached both the mission and the track file. test.miz test.trk
  2. I'm currently trying to create an Alpha Strike mission comprising of the following flights: Fighter Sweep, SEAD, and two Strike Packages. I want to make it so that the player is in charge of a strike package flight. However, I have found that player aircraft always spawns at the parking location directly behind Catapult 2. This is an issue as I want the Fighter Sweep and SEAD aircraft to take off first, but the player aircraft is blocking the way, preventing the last fighter sweep aircraft from taking off and causing none of the remaining AI aircraft to taxi and launch. I have discovered
  3. CVN-77 is a mod and is not part of the Supercarrier DLC, nor is it an official module for DCS. Best to message the creator or post a comment asking for help on the file download page.
  4. From the same guy showing it off in DCS with a side by side comparison to the real break:
  5. Bit of a harsh statement to make based off of a track file. I haven’t got a chance to look at it myself yet but no matter how poor somebody’s flying is doesn’t mean they don’t have the eagerness or patience to get better. Everybody starts somewhere and the first times are never pretty. I didn’t start with DCS, rather I started in FSX flying a Cessna back in 2013, and my first landings were atrocious. But I still went on to read the manuals, watch videos, and put in the dozens of hours required to develop the skills necessary to land that Cessna like a champ. I had the patience and eagerness to
  6. Absolutely not. I believe a 3 point landing is automatically graded a cut. The mains always take the brunt of the force. Plus, if you do a 3 point landing, your hook isn't in the ideal position to catch a wire.
  7. Silo is probably right in that your hook is bouncing over the cables due to lack of on speed AoA. However, without seeing you perform a Case I approach, there’s no real way for any of us to tell you where you’re going wrong. Are you able to record yourself performing a Case I approach and landing? If you can and are willing to upload the video to the forums then the community can pinpoint exactly what needs to be corrected in your case.
  8. With the Supercarrier released I fired up the mission editor and can confirm that there are 20 spawn slots for a single player mission: 4 Hornets on the Catapults ready to launch. 16 Hornets parked at various positions on the deck. I am quite thrilled that this is the case, as now we can create alpha strike missions that are comprised of aircraft launched purely from one carrier.
  9. Hi, Just have a quick question for ED. On the product page, the supercarrier is advertised to have 14 spawn slots. However, in the preview manual posted by Wags, the supercarrier is advertised to have 16 spawn slots. I was wondering if we could get some clarification on this for those of us who like to make our own missions. Thanks and looking forward to the release! Edit: With the Supercarrier released I fired up the mission editor and can confirm that there are up to 20 spawn slots for single player. Breakdown is listed in a post farther down.
  10. Nice write up. I truly do love learning about this stuff. You can learn something new every day. I have no shame in being wrong, you can only come out more informed.
  11. The DDI’s are not cycling. If watch the right DDI you’ll notice it stays in the fuel page every time it “cycles”. The DDI’s are also not blinking. The pilots see what you’d normally see when you’re flying the Hornet in the sim. What’s happening is that the DDI’s are probably powered by some sort of alternating current causing it to refresh every time the current changes direction. This will momentarily shut off the display each time the current alternates. If this momentary off/on/off/on happens fast enough, the human eye can’t detect it. A camera, on the other hand, can. If the camera’s sh
  12. Technically, yes, but in reality it's more complicated than that. China has a policy that for any country who recognizes Taiwan, China will break diplomatic ties with that country. Obviously, it's more important to have ties to China than to Taiwan. However, the majority of major countries have diplomatic relations with Taiwan equivalent to official ties such as an embassy building, consulates, and among other things. Yet, it's all unofficial. The American embassy in Taiwan is referred to as the "American Institute in Taiwan" for example. De facto, Taiwan is a country, but of course, de jure,
  13. With the Marianas map coming out, a Republic of China (Taiwan) F-16 livery would be nice. See attached files for some references. *Please don’t let this post become the basis of a political discussion. Regardless of your political beliefs, the ROCAF does operate the F-16A (with the F-16V on order) and therefore seems reasonable to have a livery in DCS.
  14. The problem isn't that I am unable to load in. I load in, I launch off the catapult, and then I get the message. The other 3 aircraft in my flight (which are also all loaded in and sitting on the remaining catapults) never take off. After creating my own mission with the Stennis, I have come to discover it can no longer handle 4 aircraft on the deck. The maximum it can handle now is 3, despite having 4 catapults.
  15. Hi all, I have had the Hornet for several months now and had previously completed the 1989 campaign. I decided to replay that campaign today but I have found the fourth mission, Fighter Sweep, no longer works. Every time I launch off the carrier, I get a message saying "your flight is delayed to start - please wait". I have gone into the mission editor and checked to make sure that both the mission start time and the player flight start time is the same, which they are. Having confirmed this, I'm not sure what is wrong with the mission as it used to work. Any suggestions would be appreciate
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