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  1. make a copy of server.lua that is in: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Config\View Put it in: C:\Users\xxxxxx\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\View Make that View folder in there if it doesnt exist! Copy the view stuff below from: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\Bf-109K-4\Views.lua ViewSettings = { Cockpit = { [1] = {-- player slot 1 CameraViewAngleLimits = {20.000000,140.000000}, --(chage your preferred fov here) CockpitLocalPoint = {-1.03, 0.72, 0.0}, CameraAngleRestriction = {false,90.000000,0.500000}, CameraAngleLimits = {200,-90.000000,90.000000}, EyePoint = {0.05000,0.100000,0.000000}, ShoulderSize = 0.25, Allow360rotation = false, limits_6DOF = {x = {-0.06, 0.35}, y = {-0.32, 0.08}, z = {-0.17, 0.17}, roll = 90.0}, }, }, -- Cockpit Chase = { LocalPoint = {0.0, -0.191, -1.146}, AnglesDefault = {0.0, 0.0}, }, -- Chase Arcade = { LocalPoint = {-21.500000,5.618000,0.000000}, AnglesDefault = {0.000000,-8.000000}, }, -- Arcade } Edit: make it exactly like in the file. here in forum it deletes empty spaces from beginning of these lines!!!!!!!!!!! And paste that view stuff above to the server.lua you put in the: C:\Users\xxxxxx\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\View No problem with IC Do the same for all your planes, and no update will ever overwrite it, it's allways there and your fov settings are allways like you want them to be. Happy year 2019 ;)
  2. 06:58-> "it takes 32 seconds to travel from full fine to full coarse when the system is fitted to the aircraft"
  3. Damping versus cutting I allways liked the damping method over the current cutting method of the stick forces. But I was in the minority. I know the reasons why people were against it, it doesnt have to be said again. I just had a better feeling with the plane, as with active stick (not crazy active, just small probing) you felt how much you were dampened, and it gave me feedback about speed aswell. Havent flown the bird much after the change, just cant get the feeling of alive plane. I wish we could choose between the methods. thats all.
  4. Yes Oculus app launches normally, but oculus home doesnt. you know the place with balcony and annoying backround music. This is just to save some Vram and stop that annoying Home to load up if you disconnect from game. Here is few links if you desire to get rid of oculus app completely:
  5. I have home set to run as admin, and no home. the exe for the new home is just in a different place: C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-worlds\Home2\Binaries\Win64 It's the: Home2-Win64-Shipping.exe that you set to run as admin. you still get the dash and all its functionalities and guardian too (not that that matters for flying..) but NO HOME!
  6. This! it looks awful. unless the pixelated weathering is somehow historically correct (sarkasm, for those who suck at it).
  7. If the brakes are assingned to your pedals, there's a chance that they are inverted. above suggestion made by cruiser would reveal that.
  8. Thank you for your explanation. i allways felt that after cutting the wire it's not the same (engine behaviour) anymore. Especially when cutting the wire in flight i have noticed this. I allways tought that it's just me imagining things, so partly due that feeling i have cut the wire on ground before starting the engine so it stays the same trough out the whole flight. Partly to remove the sudden "jerk" if you cut the wire in flight. It would be interesting to see if there are difference to your findings when cutting the wire on ground before engine start. Sadly I dont have that much time in my hands right now, but will test that for sure when the opportunity presents it self (christmas holidays most likely). Thanks again Saburo.
  9. This is the simmers privilege ;) same what type of sim, if competitiveness is present. No one cares for the rides we use. Our sim planes and cars are expendable. Their parts at least are even if we care enough about our rides to get us home/over the finishline. Maybe in the future sims there is like rpg element for the rides... you get 1 engine for 3-4 flights/races :D
  10. Could you elaborate what you mean by "shifts up range where it works for 5inHG"? Do you mean by just cutting the wire and going to wep something changes in the operation of the manifold pressure regulator? I have had this strange feeling of, that 61" doesnt feel the same 61" after cutting the wire...but as you know, these "feelings" could be anything, like nonsense of imagination ;)
  11. noooooooooo i felt the landing and take off were just perfect before. on ALL of the WWII birds. you are supposed to be little nervous on every landing. nervous at least about ruining otherwise good mission in the final part if you are not be able to imagine your virtual life as precious as your real one..
  12. Kegetys VR shader mod would it be completely out of the question to exclude Kegetys VR shader mod from integrity check? Thanks Voodooman
  13. I noticed that i had uploaded wrong refection file (that i had made for testing reflection effecting fps) in this mod. new mod with 2 canopy tint options and 3 reflections is in the link. hopefully everyone can make reclections that feels ok to them with this mod. sorry about the hassle. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9wdj2z037sqzxcd/Mustang%20VR%20Canopy.zip?dl=0
  14. is this fixed with the todays/yesterdays update?
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