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  1. If you've had the impression that the AuthentiKit system is only about Spitfires, I now have this on the printer. P40B Tomahawk trim wheel set. Hoping to have it ready this week for the launch of the MSFS version by Big Radials but DCS fans should enjoy it too. It plugs into the same sockets as the Spitfire controls so no need for an additional controller board. https://authentikit.org/p40b/ Still another week or two to finish off the quadrant to go with it.
  2. Axis for gunsight is definitely an option. Hat switches are probably outside the scope for core AuthentiKit unless you know one that requires no soldering. All AuthentiKit projects can be done at a kitchen table without any tools. A slightly less distressed quadrant and its trim.
  3. Spade grip is biggest. Any non "mini" printer is fine, though I'm actually also trying to make everything fit on a mini, such as Prusa Mini. Bit small but an affordable Prusa if you're on a budget.
  4. No problem. That's plenty big enough build size. Jump on the Discord group and ask for people's opinions who have that printer. A few of them will.https://discord.gg/w7NWwevj
  5. Also Reuben at SimKitSupplies has been contacting the various people offering print services on Discord and sounding them out about their experience, facilities and generally checking up on how they'd approach the job with a view to being able to make introductions for people who ask him. https://www.simkitsupplies.com/fullkit/
  6. Yes, it has a step as a detent. I'm actually having more fun with the Mk1a version for WEP mode.
  7. Thanks! Have you downloaded the ZIP? Open the assembly guide PDF and every item is listed along with suggested PLA and colours. Towards the end. Have fun !
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing some user builds of the new throttle but for now, get an eyeful of this...
  9. If you're interested in these bits... New assembly video now out
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