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  1. Hi Belphe, whats your current specs? Straight off the bat, to do that resolution at high settings with any form of AA applied you will need a 3080 minimum. I run 4k and I own a 6800xt and have tested a 3080 and a 3080ti. At that resolution go with Nvidia. I'm having an educated guess but I think the memory bandwidth is strangling the AMD cards potential at these resolutions. The AMD cards can do straight forward 4k, but I doubt they will push much past that. As for a CPU, I am being a bit vague here but a relevantly recent Intel or AMD 6 core CPU running over 4Ghz is enough (for DCS). Just pair that with 32gb of as close to 3200Mhz memory and you should be ok. If I knew your current spec I could advise you more on which way to go with your system.
  2. This is only for users on this forum who want to build or upgrade a PC for DCS, nothing else. Unless you are going to use a 4k monitor/TV, A multi screen setup or high resolution VR setup. You probably dont need the very latest kit to fly in DCS with some if not all the eye candy turned on. I advised on two setups for friends who have families and other financial responsibilities during the lockdown in the UK. They wanted to get into PC gaming more, both systems were eBay specials because of the supply problems. Both could run DCS just fine on high settings at 1440p resolution. This is just an example guys... Setup #1. AMD 3600 non X, X470 mobo, 32gb 3200 DDR4, 5700XT, 1tb Sata 3 SSD, 120mm AIO, 650w Gold PSU, overclock with undervolt on CPU/GPU using Radeon and Ryzen Master. Setup #2 Intel 7600k, Z270 Mobo, 32gb 3200 DDR4 with XMP, 2070 Super, 1tb Sata 3 SSD, Be Quiet 120mm Cooler, 600w Gold PSU, Overclock with offset voltage in bios on CPU, undervolt on close to max boost clock on GPU using MSI Afterburner. All this stuff was used but sourced carefully over a couple of weeks. They were put together last Autumn for the Intel system and this Spring for the AMD system. Like I said both happily run DCS at 1440p as well as all the games in these guys Steam libraries etc. Now if you are going for high setting using high resolution such as 4k or in VR. You will probably benefit from the latest GPU's and will probably need a CPU/Mobo from AMD 2000 series or even the 3000 series. If its Intel then a 7700k and upwards. You will need 32gb of dram. Something like a 5700xt or a 2060 Super can do it but at the cost of sacrificing the detail in DCS settings. It will not look terrible. Finally as for the AMD vs Nvidia battle regarding the latest high end GPU's. My MSI 6800xt will run DCS just fine at 4k. However I have had my hands on a 3080 and 3080ti. The 3080 is slightly better for DCS at high resolution but not worth it if its going to costs loads more. The 3080ti I tested is definitely better than my 6800xt. Once you turn the resolution up, the high end AMD cards can do it and well, but Nvidia still hold the crown I'm afraid. Please remember that all this is "advise" based on my actual experiences putting together gaming PC's with various parts and seeing how they perform in DCS.
  3. Replying to Specter1075... I dont see any major reason to jump and upgrade your CPU, Mobo or Dram right now. Sit tight and see what prices Intels Alder Lake comes out at. Or see how low the prices for AMD 5000/X570 series drop to when Alder Lake is released. I will offer this advise. I am not an expert but a long time PC user (since the 90's) who happily plays DCS at 4k 60fps without chasing stutters. See how your PC is performing and what parts are reaching their limit for yourself. Whether you are on AMD, Intel or Nvidia it doesn't matter. Download MSI Afterburner Beta, the latest one at the time. If you dig around in the setting you can set up the in game overlay to show all your PC components usages. Another useful tool is the Windows "Resource Monitor" open it up before you open DCS. While flying if you notice a fps drop. Pause and "ALT/TAB" out as quickly as you can. See if an individual core is maxed out in a certain area. Then you will know for sure if your CPU is reaching its limit. A few hours loading up DCS for the purpose of evaluating your PC's performance within DCS can save you a lot of money and guide your upgrade requirements if you have them. Addressing the mining kills GPU rumours on the internet. If someone does mining it is mainly using the memory and the memory bandwidth, thats one of the limiting factors. They will attempt to run the GPU at a much lower and limited clock speed often half of what a gaming clock speed would be. They will also try to run it under the lowest core voltage possible. So they will mine on a low clock speed with sometimes lower than idle voltage on the core. If someone does not mine this way they are stupid, dont look after their stuff and you dont want to buy anything off them anyway. The only real thing to check on a GPU that has been used for mining is dust in the heatsink as they are often run 24/7. That and check the fans spin up ok. they might be worn out if its a couple of years old. At worst the performance of the thermal pads could have degraded, no more though than if someone gamed on it for playing esports for 8 hours a day. Buying a used GPU. Just look at the advert closely. If someone has put effort into a description and well taken photos then you a probably ok. Look for if it is boxed and comes with everything as if it was new. There is no 100% certainty, but looking for these signs reduces the probability. If you buy a used GPU when you install it. Run a game with vsync off and the settings maxed out, drive it as hard as you can for an hour. If there are no artefacts then it is probably ok. Check the temps, if these dont go up too high then the fans, thermal pads and heatsink are ok. Another thing to do, check that model of GPU on a review site, look at how it performed in the games list then do a comparison if you have one of those games. Taking a little time to learn how all this stuff ticks will really help you out and give you a better understanding and experience enjoying PC gaming.
  4. Ive got that hotas and I use Saitek/Logitech pedals. Works well and good if you have larger feet.
  5. Thanks Bitmaster and xaoslaad.... I was sitting on the fence on this one. However I am a glutton for punishment and like shiny new things when it comes to my PC !!! I know my system meets the specs and the notification its available has popped up. No option to actually upgrade option yet for me though. Did you guys upgrade from the "Windows Update" page in settings? Or did you download an upgrade online? Finally on the off chance someone on here is using a MSI X570 motherboard and has upgraded to Win 11, which bios are you using please?
  6. Hi Ken, As always Lucsheps advise is solid. Your system would benefit from a CPU/Mobo/Dram overhaul as the 7700k is getting a little dated around now. If you want to go Intel then I would definitely wait for Alder Lake 12th gen. I run an AMD rig with X570 and a 5600x. I dont use VR but I do fly using 4k resolution on close to max settings which gives a very solid 60 fps, even down low over Dubai etc. When I disable vsync I get between 70-110 fps. Intels Alder Lake will be right up to date if you want the latest available at the end of this year. However an AMD system is worth considering if there is a significant saving to be had at the time. If it was me and money was no object I would go for Intels latest and be future proof 100%. If money is a factor, go with an AMD system if the price is right. Both will run DCS very very well. As for the SSD question. If the OS is on a Sata 3 SSD, if you can put it DCS on its own separate drive. It will help with interruptions and pauses. If you have something like a higher speed nvme, it doesn't matter. I tried this last month, OS with DCS on my Sabrent SSD vs OS on Sabrent and DCS on its own Crucial MX500 500gb Sata3. No real difference.
  7. This is only my opinion and advice. I cant possibly know for sure without using the machine itself. That looks like a corrupted Windows update has damaged the software of the operating system IE, Windows. Unless you can take the Windows drive out of the machine physically and use another machine to save any files. You might have to re-install WIndows to rescue that. Usually if you cannot get into Windows itself its because the drive has a problem/fault or the OS is corrupted in some way. This is usually a bad update. Sadly it happens. If you can get into the bios then your hardware is probably ok. If your main OS drive can be seen and recognised by the bios that is probably ok too. Let a few of the experts on here give their opinion before doing anything drastic.
  8. I use to have an AMD 5700xt and it ran DCS at 1440p very well on high ish settings and 2x MSAA. Also with the latest AMD Radeon software I think they have added smart access memory to these older gpu's. So if ones going for the right price used it could be a good option to consider. However if you do want a brand new gpu, nVidia is stronger considering price verses performance in the mid range market. A 3060ti would be perfect however, I would get a 3060 if that is your budget. That is your best bang for buck.
  9. HI, Ive got a Track IR 5, its complete with the hat clip and packaging. It in excellent condition and works perfectly. I'm in the West Mids UK. Its on eBay and will be posted 1st class to the winning bidder. Natural Point Track IR 5 Complete and Boxed | eBay Send me a message if you need any more info or more photo's.
  10. I can second what Lucshep advises. I got the MSI gaming X trio for my gpu because it was offered for pre order in the UK. I also already had a MSI motherboard. However saying that EVGA are known for their almost faultless and quick RMA turnaround and customer support. Just look into how they handled the recent fault on 3090's sold last year. They were fairly transparent about the whole thing which is pretty rare in a manufacturer.
  11. I also have an X-55 hotas. If you need any help mapping send me a pm i'll happily share my controller files.
  12. I wouldn't jump to taking it apart just yet. I would give it a spray with something like screen cleaner and use something like a clean cheap paint brush to work it over the hotas. You could try some rubbing alcohol and a cotton bud around the edges of the sticking switches. Cat hairs are a pain in the backside for anything regarding computers but its their dander (the fine dust) that is the problems, it gets into everywhere. One trick I use on stubborn marks for a mouse, keyboard or game controller are face wipe to remove make up. They get any grease off.
  13. So far I have never had a problem with MSI or EVGA. If it was me that would be my choice. At the moment I have a MSI 6800xt, AMD I know, but its the gaming x trio and the build quality is excellent.
  14. I had this exact problem with "I think" the same update. It wasn't on my own machine but my mates. Like you I am experienced and was totally stumped. Also it was a high end maching, 5800x, X570 with NVME. I built it for her. The best is it would pass CMD integrity checks etc As Lucshep suggested. I did a complete reinstall using the "Windows Media Creation Tool" I also downloaded all the latest drivers such as chipset, graphics etc to a separate USB drive and installed them one by one. It worked fine after that, I think that was the start of June and no problems since. Its a daily gaming/media machine. Chalk it up to a corrupted Windows update. Ive been building computers since 1998 this was my first experience of such a problem. I thought I was losing my touch!
  15. Thinder no need to justify yourself mate. Were all adults on here and its up to the person to do some proper research with proper reviews before they decide what goes into a serious simming PC. Nvidia 4000 is coming along with AMD's RDNA3. Both will probably be awesome. I base that on my mate having a 3080 and me having a 6800xt. Both are very very good gpu's for gaming and simming.
  16. If it was me and I already had a 3070 I would not buy a 3080. It would be a 3090, 3080ti or a 6800xt from AMD. I have one and it runs DCS great at 4k even down low. So I would upgrade by two steps/levels or stick. As for dram I have 4x8gb sticks of 3200mhz c14. I only play DCS in single player and so far that is enough for me.
  17. Good grief! All this because Thinder shared a video about something that is not available yet. He didn't even write a comment underneath it. Here is my two cents. There was a lot of hype about AMD's latest hardware. I bought a 5600x and a 6800xt and it more than lived up to it, very happy with my setup. Saying that if I had bought Intels or Nvidias latest I would be saying the same thing. I bought what was available at the time. If its high end nowadays regardless of who makes it. It will most likely perform very very well and make a nice PC to play games and sims on.
  18. At the moment I am using an AMD 5600x. Its coupled up with a MSI 6800XT, so far I am not experiencing any bottlenecks. Its a solid CPU. Doesn't guzzle electric or require an expensive heatsink.
  19. If I'm honest I tried running 1440p on a 4k monitor. There was a noticeable downgrade in image quality that did detract from the gaming experience. I run an ultrawide 1440p now using a monitor arm attached to my desk. If I bring the monitor forward ,ie, closer. The image quality is excellent. Something like a 35" 1140p ultrawide or a 28-32" 16:9 1440p monitor are very good choices for DCS at the moment. Its a good balance between performance with all the eye candy enabled and image quality.
  20. Yep measuring using afterburner or Radeon utility I regularly see up to 20-26 GB used. Especially on Syria. It can change based on your pre-load radius setting too. I don't use multi player but I can imagine it would easily push it close to or over 32gb.
  21. Samsung, Acronis and Sabrent software have been very good when I have used them. As for brand I have used Sabrent, Samsung, SanDisk, Kingston and Crucial. All have been very similar gaming wise. I buy whichever I can get the better deal on at the time.
  22. Cheers man, yeah Robin Olds is one of the many pilots I admire. Comes from very boyish dreams of becoming a fighter pilot! As for your storage options I've had a cabled Sata3 SSD, a basic M2 on the motherboard and now a Gen 4 Nvme Pciex4 on my X570. I'm not going to say there is not a difference because there is. It's just so small in the real world. It's not worth worrying about. Buy what suits you best out of those three options.
  23. Hi mate this is my exact spec and it runs DCS perfectly on 1440p and 4k flat panel at 60fps on ultra/high settings. Lots of eye candy basically. AMD 5600x, Intel obviously is an option but this just works. An Intel system will work just as well. MSI X570 Gaming Edge Wifi, B550 should work just as well MSI 6800xt, (MSI 2080ti before ran lovely) If your 1440p or below AMD 6700xt or Nvidia 3060 Ti should be fine 32gb Gskill 3200mhz C14 ddr4. Most 3200mhz C16 will do just fine but fit 32gb Corsair 850w psu, the custom builder should know what to fit Sabrent Rocket 1tb Nvme. Any decent SSD will be fine, 1tb should be enough it depends on your game library The brand is a personal chioce, Asus MSI, Gigabyte or Asrock are all solid options. For $3000 I would imagine you could put an order along this spec in with a good well known custom computer builder and you might face a 2-3 month wait at most. The wait would probably be caused by the GPU. If you left your options open regarding that it could be a matter of weeks. I reckon you could factor in a decent monitor too. Best of luck.
  24. I must admit I have been tied into this pre order for well over 6 months. When news of the new nvidia TI series was announced I questioned my decision. However now it is here and working I couldn't be happier with my new 6800xt. For me its working perfectly with DCS and I-L2. Its power efficiency and ability to hold a near perfectly consistent frametime is impressive.
  25. I doubt it, I just hope CCL grease the doors on Monday morning. Good company, I used them before.
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