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  1. Kevlon at the moment if your system is stable and running well. I would probably wait. Especially if your running 1440p@60hz or below. I had a 3700x and went up to a 5600x, there was an improvement but nothing major. I also just upgraded from a 2080ti to a 6800xt as I put in a pre paid pre order months ago. Again there is a small improvement but again its not the leap I was hoping for. If anything I managed to scratch the upgrade itch. Unless your desperate for 4k or VR I would stick. Unless you come across a sale or bargain that is.
  2. Hi Guys, I have a MSI 2080TI Gaming X Trio. Please check the link and PM me with an offer if your interested. This is for a UK mainland sale only please. I have mainly used this for flight sims undervolted to .950mv which gives pretty much full boost speeds. I also have a video of this working on my Onedrive account which I can share if you give me your email address. Its only for sale because my pre-order finally came through after nearly six months! Would much rather this went to a simmer or gamer instead of in another mining rig/scalped. MSI 2
  3. Im on DCS 2.7. I see all cores loaded but only a heavy load on 2 cores. I alt/tab out and can see the usage history in Ryzen Master. I set mine to 4650 with an undervolt of upto 1.2v. This runs DCS 2.7 just fine for me a solid 60fps using vsync. I havn't come across that video though. Thanks for sharing I'll check it out and maybe try those settings.
  4. HI Taz, I was limited to the stock heatsink when I first got my 5600x. I used Ryzen Master to set all cores to 4200 @ 1.1vcore. It was fine even in DCS as it only uses 2 cores for heavy usage. Ie above 4ghz. Ryzen Master is a good utility for AMD as you can alter your voltages on the fly in Windows if you experience problems. If your now using an AIO, I am guessing, but I bet you can leave pretty much everything CPU only related on auto. Using Ryzen Master is not better than the bios for having control of the CPU speeds and voltages. Its just a lot more convenient once
  5. Hi Taz, I have a 5600x. This is only my opinion. Set your DDR4 to XMP/DOCP, same thing. Set the Dram speed manually, for you 3600mhz. Set the Flck manually for you 1800mhz. Set the Dram voltage manually 1.35v. Leave everything else on auto. This in my opinion ensures dram stability and stops auto going odd in the background. You can download Ryzen Master if you wish, keeps an eye on things. I find on mine that 4.6Ghz is more than enough for games etc. I run manual settings in Ryzen Master of 4600 on all cores and the voltage capped at 1.2v. Keeps it cool and reduces unn
  6. Saitek/Logitech X56 here too. Works well for DCS especially the rotary controls.
  7. Hi there, I have a 5600x and a MSi X570 motherboard and have no issues running DCS DCE campaigns on high/ultra detail. For example landing a F-16 at Dubai with other AI around I get a solid 60fps, checked with vsync off and its around 80-90fps. I am running a 2080ti GPU. Maybe its not boosting properly for some reason. Try downloading Ryzen Master and set a profile to the following. Manual 4600 set for each core 1.25vcore See how it runs with that enabled. Run DCS with full screen disabled and alt tab out to check the cpu speeds in Ryzen Maste
  8. Yeah Rudel I agree with you completely. The default FOV seems to be locked at a setting horizontally that is for 16:9. I cant find out how to alter it yet either. I find altering the zoom a niggle more than a problem. Like I said I have it bound to a rotary on my hotas so I use it regularly anyway for spotting targets etc. I expected this before I bought an ultrawide monitor. Like I said a solution that Ed could maybe consider would be to add a FOV option/slider in the graphics options. Until then altering zoom is the only option. I have not properly searched the forum
  9. Well I went straight from a regular 1440p monitor to ultrawide. Before setting up my 21:9 I took a photograph of my 1440p monitor with DCS running in cockpit. The problem I found is that the horizontal field of view is fixed in DCS. So when you fire up in 21:9 it first looks like the tops chopped off. When I zoomed out so that what I could see vertically matched the photograph I took with my 1440p regular monitor. It looked correct again and I had the extra viewing on either side. I expected this to be honest. What DCS could probably do with is an option to select default FOV in th
  10. I got mine setup last night. Really pleased with it, I prefer it to my 4k setup to be honest. Just for the aspect ratio. I just need to work out how to edit the config files to alter my default FOV for my regular aircraft. Right now its zoomed in a little too much, however a small zoom out and its perfect. From first impressions I cant recommend 21:9 enough for flight sims. My FPS games look better too.
  11. Cheers mars, that's exactly what I wanted to know. After a back injury I can't turn my head as much as I could before. So on my old 1440p monitor I can't comfortably check six. I thought an ultra wide might give me more horizontal viewing when using Track IR.
  12. HI Guys, As the title says I am thinking of moving to an ultrawide monitor. I have moved my computer desk etc and my 4k TV is no longer going to practically fit. Thought an ultrawide monitor would be a smart move. I use Track IR, does DCS have any issues with 21:9 and Track IR? Are there any settings or special setup I should be aware of before making a purchase. My gpu is a 2080ti and I will be buying a DP 1.4 cable to take advantage of variable refresh rate. Cheers
  13. Hi Guys, I have had a couple of problems since the last 2.7 update. I run Open Beta. 1st, long exit time from DCS about 30 seconds of a blank black screen after clicking exit. My desktop does eventually appear. 2nd, in mission the comms menu can regularly cause a pause for a couple of seconds. Dont know if its my system or a problem with my install, no other games show this exit delay though. Any ideas welcome.
  14. I did a photography and history degree while applying in 2002. I was aiming at working in some form of intelligence or analysis of reconnaissance. Sadly is was not meant to be so I fell back on how I paid for my degree and became a central heating engineer. I now dabble in computers. I've been told it would have been a different story nowadays.
  15. Well thank you for quoting me in such a way there. I was offering some friendly advice and I did use the word "probably". I should have added "out of the box cpu" to be more specific. Personally I dont care if someone buys an AMD 5600x an Intel 10600k or a Banana to power their system.
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