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  1. I removed axis curves. & Settings page for the Ka-50: FFB with no springs option selected. Thank you all again :)
  2. Hi all, Just quick update, after finding some free time today, I tried adjusting setting as you suggested in your comments for the Ka50 and I am happy to day it worked like a charm! I have no longer to fight the stick and the shark became pleasant to fly instead being an uncontrollable beast. :thumbup: Thank you very much for your cooperation, time and support. Happy flying pals and see you around! :pilotfly:
  3. Thank you very much for the tips guys. I will try around this weekend and see if any of them works!:joystick: Kind regards, and enjoy a nice time you all.
  4. Hi Volk, (Thank you for your videos by the way, sweet material there). The only way to "not fight" the stick is having the trimmer button pushed all the time, which is not comfortable either for long periods. The moment I release it to register the trim to set, it strongly & quickly positions itself in that forward-right position and stays there. as if ignoring or misreading the input. Just to discard this can be a joystick malfunction, I have other warbird/jet/helicopter modules in which the trims/force feedback works as intended to (Huey to name one). This is why I asume is
  5. Fellow Ka-50 pilots, I come to you today because I admit I love this module; but there is a thing it really annoys me when flying the shark: I am a MSFFB2 joystick user, and the moment I engage the force trim, the joystick itself positions itself in a different position and it would require a decent amount of force moving it from that position, making trimming the helicopter something unusable and very uncomfortable for longer sessions. It may be something I am doing wrong regarding autopilot usage, specific Ka50 options...I really do not know anymore as I have tried different c
  6. What a wet dream that would be pal...
  7. I am a WMR user and I can also confirm that crashes also happen there. Thank you very much in advance for your time, investigation and efforts.
  8. I experience the issues in different maps as well, such as Caucasus / PG / Normandy
  9. As one user previously said: "I noticed the strobe light doesn't change from dim to bright." that is totally right, and not only that, the intensity regulator knob on external lights seems not to have effect at all, meaning they seem to be off, or full powered.
  10. Absolutely +1 to OP's message: I have been experiencing the exact same issues he describes, and he describes them accurately (I mean, you learn how to "force" the issues to happen, and how to "cope with them"). As a DCS enthusiast, and owner of several of its modules, I feel it is really sad and dissapointing to see how this poor performance / FPS drops / crashes are not a high priority matter to address and fix, but having a new version of something already existing (A-10C II as an example) is. You can argue getting money from a product is important for a company, but having a dwindling p
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