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  1. is it possible to make German voices work in all fw190d missions and if yes, how should I do it? thank you
  2. Hi, I did this mission and had fun! I also did the second one, but I prefer bombing. Everything is great, even the radio communications. Many thanks to you.
  3. Same for me. I'll redo the first two missions as soon as possible and keep you posted.
  4. hello, no the score is not important to me but just the pleasure of flying in this campaign but I don't understand why I don't go to mission three when there are no more targets to shoot down in mission two! the campaign resumes in mission one. Anyway thanks for this campaign, I did the "arab spring" campaign and I had a lot of fun.
  5. Same for me. I shot down all five helicopters and the score was 90 so no next mission but back to the first one.
  6. ah ok! in fact when I wait at wp4 nothing happens then the blue forces go back to the base and I shoot the red ones who don't defend themselves. It's not a big deal because the rest is very well done. :thumbup:
  7. hello and thank you for this campaign. when i play the mission "a day over feba" i can't communicate with the flight on ch3 comm1 and the frequencies on the kneeboard don't match the radio uhf so nothing happens anymore and nobody attacks. can you control these frequencies and tell me if it's me who's failing badly ? Thank you.
  8. I thought it didn't work but yes it works but just with the Vet missions !!! ouce on: I thought it worked on all FW190D missions. I'm sorry I was wrong, and thank you. merci pour le lien Morpheus
  9. bonjour Morpheus cela veut il dire que je dois traduire avant de poster?
  10. je l aime bien cet avion mais c est vrai que pour le combat aérien je perd tous mes combats
  11. je pensais que cela ne fonctionnait pas mais oui ça marche mais juste avec les missions de Vétéran!!!:Pouce en l'air: je pensais que cela fonctionnait avec toutes les missions FW190D:( desolé de m être trompé et merci
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