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  1. Finally finished the campaign. After playing Raven One by Baltic Dragon this felt a bit meh in the beginning but it really grew by the mission. Would have liked more cold start missions instead of just shot off the cat, better and more info on the kneeboard. The voice overs were really cool, had a bit of trouble hearing who's who but that might just be me. All in all, a great campaign!
  2. Greetings and a Happy New Year! I'm on my 4th play-thru in this campaign and I'm currently on mission 9 and encountered this loadout(see attached pic) Seems a bit asymmetric... regarding weight distribution and what not. I'm 99% certain that the previous times, the loadout was; 2 GBUs, 1 Maverick and 2 wing mounted fuel tanks.
  3. Hello Searched around quite a bit but couldn't find any solution. Is it possible to turn off the light highlighted in the pic? Have I totally missed something.....? Thanks in advance. Nick
  4. @IronMike The music in mission 4 is it something we can use making our own F-14 videos? If so, where can I find the files. Thanks in advance. Great campaign so far! Nick
  5. I got a question... I'm on mission 3 on my way back to the boat, switchin between views and there she is, USS Theodore Roosevelt, SuperCarrier version. Or am I misstaken.....?
  6. Any chance of A-10C II being on sale for Christmas? I've been a good boy! Nick
  7. Soo, just wondering when the Viggen got approved for carrier operations.. :-)
  8. Any chance of a campaign for the F-14 in the future? Thanks.
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