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  1. I am happy for you too. Makes no odds to me what controls people use as long as they are enjoying the experience. The OP like many others obviously isn't happy with how the mouse controls work in the cockpit. So I've suggested some alternatives they can try by embracing the head tracking. I'm not holding my breath that the mouse and head tracking issue will be resolved any time soon
  2. I don't really understand all the fuss about mouse controls. The VR controller works to toggle the buttons and switches in the cockpit, it's no better or worse than reaching for a mouse. Palm up is right click, palm down is left click, the line from the finger changes colour to tell you what action will be performed. I only use a gamepad as it gives me more buttons I can bind, It's like a "poor man's button box".
  3. Look at the sig of Lange who has posted. That small print added tells me his CPU, the speed it's at and what's cooling it. The motherboard, how much Memory (RAM) and it's speed, the exact make and model of the graphics card, the monitor and VR headset, even the controllers he uses. I think the only thing missing is the case that holds the main PC parts. Lange's advice really echoes what I've already said. You don't really need a liquid cooler, good air coolers can be just as effective. We can't recommend coolers without knowing what your case can support or what you already have to be hones
  4. I disable mouse in the VR tab under options so the cursor tracks to my head movement and reach for a gamepad with my left hand so I can keep my hand on the flight stick. Hardly a brilliant solution BUT the gamepad buttons do allow me to bind even more controls that aren't critical but were also not bound to my HOTAS. Under controls in the UI Layer, I've bound left D pad to LMB & right D pad as RMB. Toggle VR zoom is left shoulder button (L1/LB), this is deceiving as it's not actually a toggle you must keep the button pressed down to zoom. So I had to choose a button I could depress and
  5. Your list doesn't really tell us too much to be honest. Your i7 6700K is running at stock speeds. Providing it's on a Z series motherboard it can be told to run even faster (overclocked). We don't know what cooler you have for it or the case for us to suggest an upgrade to tame an overclock. You say your Hard drive is full but not what drive it is. Hopefully it's an SSD if not it should be. If it's a "small SSD" (256-512GB) it's not difficult to add another SSD drive solely for DCS and other games. Your 1070 GPU is "okay" for VR but an upgrade would help for VR games. Personally I'd w
  6. No worries. Honestly Voice Attack takes a little time to configure and get right BUT it's worth that effort especially for us VR users. If you don't want to pay for VAICOM PRO just yet, I can recommend D Bailey's Voice Attack profiles he's provided to our community for free.
  7. I use Voice Attack & VAICOM PRO + AIRIO with my Rift S just using the built in mic and I have no issues. I had someone comment on one of my YT videos about VA as he was having issues, we discovered it was the external mic he was using. When I told him I just use the built in mic, he switched to that and he too said it worked great. Not trying to discredit dburne just sharing my experience. I'd say try with the built in first before purchasing anything else.
  8. I've seen this! There's a guy called DanDe on Youtube who has a few videos on YawVR and DCS. He seems to respond to comments on his channel, if nothing else any new videos he does should be worth a watch. Long and short of it, I suspect there will be a fair bit of tweaking to get it setup correctly.
  9. The wife comment did make me LOL. Actually I think VR is pretty cheap, if you compare it to the dedicated guys (& gals) who have 3 screens or projectors, Track IR, build their own cockpit with the HOTAS, MFDs and button boxes. When I consider the level of immersion I'm getting from a £400 HMD, I still find it surprising after many many hours in the cockpit. The 3D effect giving depth perception makes in flight refuelling so much easier. It's very difficult to try and describe the feeling of flying in VR, people really do need to experience it themselves. I do have a few videos up on You
  10. Yeah it's a hotly debated topic. There are pros and cons to both, OLED having better blacks BUT you can get colour smudging and yes the SDE is worse. You'll notice most of the new HMDs like the Index and Reverb are LCD panels because ultimately the image quality is better. A friend of mine has a YT channel focused on VR. He has PS4 VR, owned the Original Rift, upgraded to the Rift S & has the Quest. He isn't really a "tech guy" though just a keen gamer, he is to my knowledge one of the first people to have put up a video about using Quest Link when the feature became public. His first c
  11. The Quest HMD uses an OLED panel, the Rift S is an LCD panel. The screen door effect is more noticeable on the Quest than the Rift S. I wasn't personally bothered about the portable use of the Quest, visual fidelity was more important to me and that's why I bought the Rift S. I don't want to argue with people who own the Quest BUT the Rift S has better image quality at the end of the day. The USB type A to Type C cable that comes with the Quest is USB 2, you need a USB 3 cable connected to your PC's USB 3 ports (The blue ones on your motherboard) for the Quest Link feature to work (it does
  12. Funnily enough I looked at the Rift S as a Display upgrade rather than getting a 1440P monitor. I purchased the Rift S and kept my 32inch 1080P panel and don't regret the decision. Yes it does have some screen door effect BUT you learn to look past that, being an LCD panel the SDE is not as bad as HMDs that use OLED panels. Up the Pixel Density to 1.5 and the text and gauges in the cockpit are easily read. I'd wanted VR for simulators for quite some time BUT it wasn't until the Rift S came along that I felt the visual fidelity was good enough and the price was reasonable for me to make t
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