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  1. Thats why i am asking if it was practical. Separating real threads of the false ones should be a real pain for the system.
  2. I didnt know it was possible to detect an IR Missile. How would that work?
  3. Hey i got a question. What happened to the RIO's of the tomcats squadroms after switching to the Hornet?
  4. I heard that Lockheed Martin, is proposing an unmaned version of the F-35. How is that is gonna impact the future of the tactics of air combat?
  5. why not in flight windshield cleaning?? :P
  6. Sorry Cali,(for the OT world cup comment). I have a question concerning to IRST, if a BVR IRST is implemented anytime, how it can tell what's a friend or foe?
  7. Well what can i say :D, best team won. Good luck for ur team tomm :D
  8. man!!! and is the end of the extra time. :D
  9. i have heard of some major upgrades on the Tu-160, i dont have details. But i think its true production lines are closed.
  10. I said undetected :) not that was not intercepted. http://www.flightglobal.com/Articles/2006/04/24/Navigation/177/206145/Russians+claim+bomber+flights+over+US+territory+went.html
  11. It's like the story of the Tu-160 entering US Airspace undetected. :D
  12. Wow, that was fast :D thanx GGTharos!
  13. Besides the SU-25T in FC, is there is gonna be a fly-able Ka-50 :?: I am asking because, i haven't saw it in the main page of FC and i haven't read it was cancelled o delayed for a later release.
  14. Lol, did you see the su 33 model. It has two seats. :lol: http://www.metavr.com/products/vrsg/VRSG3Dcontent-mil-air3.html
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