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  1. Good point on static IP`s, it can be done at any ISP with an extra euros, and i think that those with 5,8 ghz wirelles already have static and some of cable ISP`s. We all can see at our ISP is it woth to do it and then vote for it. Cheers.
  2. I said it before and it looks like it is only way for FC to live. If 104th are closed server, everybody will do the same cos they are paying money for thing that are not in use so it is pointlles to have it. Only solution is like i said ED servers, with payment for playing on it and 24/7 admins to serve them and players, if things keep it up workig in this unusual way.
  3. Well GG then relese patche and proof us that he is not a Genius, Cheers.
  4. @Boberro Mate, don`t call anbody mentally ill, maybe that kind of comunications came to this situation, like i said, maybe is problem in us like Boberro called him mentaly ill person, and what he will feel now, i was talking about that problems, if you don`t understand that, then i don`t know who is here retarded which is also not nice to call someone. If this guy has some mentally issue, he definitly is not mentally ill, that`s for sure. I would say he is close to Genius, he is doing this for month or two and you can do sht about it, i really wouldn`t call him with that names, i would nic
  5. And what about if the problem is in us, or those who run servers and kicking for nothing or some small mistake, maybe some server was pissed of a wrong dude and he now hiting back and we know that payback is bitch. I am not saying this is okay what he/they are doing but i think those admins needs to think about it when FC 3 bean relesed so this kinda stuff want happen again. The wars in history was started cos of stupid reason, maybe this is one the same, just think about it for the future, i got nothing against the server rules, but maybe some of them are not playble. I was last night play wi
  6. Okay, we still don`t know who is cheater, i don`t know how is this possible??? My question is how much FC 3 will cost???? Ill say no more!!!!!!
  7. HACKER IS STRONG Guys what is happening, this HaCKER tonight has strike down on every server and shot them down, they were just disapereing, will ED do something, it`s about time for some action!!!! S!!!!
  8. Yes, would be nice for HL to bring him back. Maybe cos of not haveing him like before, we are here in problems and hackers...but i would like to stick to the first idea, it looks like best thing for this simulation in every aspect of it, from my point of view.
  9. Well i thought it would be much cleaner against cheats, and they could have more money cos now you would have to pay for playing online and someone would be payed for looking and serving on servers 24/7 cos they geting money for that. We know how things going now on servers, it is impossible to have always admin on server if things get rough cos peeps are working their day jobs, just think about it? Admin all day long looking for fair game and i repeat, he would be payed for that job, from the way when we all pay for ours 1, 3, 6 or 12 months of joyning to servers. In this way, ED would be hav
  10. What, nobody from even testers got any opinion, i was asking this cos it would be good strong server with master minds against hackers with 1st hand against it, and we would be every night playing our free time peacefuly untill we decide to finish and not somebody else to decide for us. For those guys who had squads and their own servers, i know that there are paying lot of money, but think how much less money you can give and save for your self if we have let`s say 3 servers A/A, A/G & Gunso, so everybody can play what he wonts. I am not saying it has to be like this kind of servers, it`
  11. Ok, but now i have 300 ping to US, okay never mind, thx for answer;) Ill wait for better ISP.
  12. 104th SERVER IN EUROPE UNION Hi all. Is it true that 104th server is in US? If it is, and most people are from Europe, then it become problem because of Ping`s. What i am asking is possibilty for server in EU, somwere in Germany. I believe they have the best fast internet, not to mention high technology. So it would be very good for 104th to shot down server in US and bring it up in EU, and you can set up option for "donate" for everybody who is willing to pay for that issue, i know i would like to pay and somehow help in that kind of way. You guys just need to set up good server wi
  13. I have question for ED developers. Is it possible from ED to make there own server or few for every kind of this blod sport, because now how the things are going it`s not good. I would like to pay ED for server like for every month, 3 or 6 even 1 year, but just to be peaceful in my mind that there is one good server who running 24/7 and with RULES where everybody will act nice and fair. On one server today i think it was 159th i was kicked for teamkill from servman and i was just flying and didn`t even touch the trigger, and the day before i made strike like 10/2 kills/deaths. I don`t know was
  14. This game on MP is recorded automatically by miz. file and trk. file. Is it possible to shot that function down, in TEMP folder, to not exist and not to work/record, like it working/recording now. I believe, that this function have big importance with that Master Cheat Impact on MP comunity. This is just one inocent thought, so let me know can this really be the issue? Cheers and S!;)
  15. Well i just install again Falcon 4 but now BMS and all i can say it rocks, FC laters:lol:
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