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  1. Nope... S-8 and S13 where born during Astan war .. mid 80's... to have more "Booom" for cave busting ... S-5K penetration was 130mm. S-5 had also concrete piercing warhead... I guess for airfield runaway piercing too.
  2. The odd part is that RuAF used for tank killing S-5K. The high ranking pilots where named Sniper after being capable to hit moving targets with at least 3-4 Rocket projectiles.
  3. There was no warranty in those old Mig 29. No warranty cover 12 years. All modifications where on our own. Lancers airframe where the newest ones we received. They where barely flown in the 80's. Ceausescu's idea of fuel economy (10h per year).
  4. Bollocks... We never bother to ask the Eastern Brother if we can update our planes.. We just did it... End result it was considered the Sniper program was not cost effective since Lancer was already in production. Conclusion ... not worth it for some 16 old Mig 29's we had... Mig RSK has nothing to have with it.
  5. I know that.. SFW destruction is create via solid penetrator and not plasma jet :) just a thing ... end result is what matters
  6. hmmm .. not sure if is HEAT (high explosive anti-tank). The SFW form the projectile out of copper and project it downwards... So in this matter it acts more like a solid penetrator (a preaty damn good one too).
  7. Kh-27PS ..is a ARM missile version of Kh-23 that was used by the Mig 27. Still it was replaced or it run in paralel with Kh-25P and 25MP.
  8. Why don't you guys ask for help in SFP1 community. If there is something they know to do... is create very good models.
  9. errr.. no.. :) (I mean I know about that ) ... let JJ explaind that thsoe where not Carriers :)
  10. WTF? JJ you are getting sloppy... :) 3 carriers?:) Soviet Navy never had a single carrier ... :) (ok ok they had 20% of one ..unless it was a cruiser too )
  11. tomcat1974


    What do you mean new damagr?? like turrets poping up.. which is likelly the outcome death of a T-72. Zaelu , GAU-8 will have actully quite a good chance to detonate the ERA packages and then penetrating the remaining hull. Think of the sheer number of projectile that will rain down on th poor T-72.
  12. sure ... that's due to their bad maintenance and old airframes :D
  13. You can't be possible away from the truth.. Only S Africa bough them. Hun. and Cz R Leased them.. They act as sweedish planes detached in other country, they ar emantained by Sweedish personal. If one brakes down, a plane from SwAF is sent to take place. Hun and CZAf don't own shit on those Grippens.
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