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  1. I've had both. FOV is awesome on the Pimax, but the software sucks and it was so uncomfortable I couldn't wear it for more than 15-25 minutes at a time. It also got very hot in a short period of time. I've been using VR since the original Rift so I am aware of how to get them on my head correctly. I tried a counterweight and a couple other options on the Pimax and could never get it comfortable. Got rid of the Pimax and gave up on VR for a while. Then I got the G2 at the beginning of this year. It fits me perfectly and is comfortable for hours. The small sweet spot took so
  2. For me the UHF Volume Up/Down keybinds and joystick inputs are flipped. Up makes volume go down and Down makes volume go up.
  3. I had WMR settings on Best Visual Quality already and tried switching to Best Performance and back with no change. I reset seated position in SteamVR with no change, but the interesting thing is when I click reset seated position a countdown box comes up and is tilted the same as during the game. The surrounding VR backdrop is level, but the countdown box is tilted. I re-ran the SteamVR room/seated setup multiple times and that hasn't solved it. The countdown box and view in DCS is tilted. I will continue to investigate other settings in SteamVR to see if there is something the
  4. WMR has been removed and re-installed without change. I should have noted this was a problem before 2.7 so it has nothing to do with the update. I didn't know this was in SteamVR. I will investigate and try to reset it. Thanks for the suggestion. I believe I have this set to Best Performance so I will try changing that to Best Visual Quality and report back. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. Yes, the seat is level and has been checked. WMR environment data has been cleared multiple times as indicated in the OP.
  6. I have a Reverb G2 and when using it with DCS the horizon is tilted about 3 degrees down right. Not really noticeable in normal flight, but when using the HMD in it is very noticeable. The HMD appears tilted much more. I have removed and re-installed WMR. Re-set environmental data multiple times. I also talked to HP support and they replaced the headset with a new one because they couldn't figure out what is wrong. The new headset exhibits the exact same behavior with the horizon tilted. I tested in MFS2020 and it appears to be tilted as well, but I'm not 100% sure on that. Is there an
  7. Just wanted to point out Hempstick has a model of the throttle rail on Github under the Throttle Arm section. https://github.com/JonahTsai/F16/tree/master/ThrottleArm
  8. Thanks for the info. I've been using Freejoy for a helicopter collective project I'm working on. If you decide to use Freejoy I'd be happy to help. I have a good setup for a shift register board and hall effect sensor for rotation.
  9. This looks really good. Will you share the material specs you used for the printing from Shapeways?
  10. When running SSA is there any way to not have three processes showing in the taskbar?
  11. It didn't for me. Check the box to not overwrite the lua. Open the lua and remove the lines indicated above. I went from CPU frametime of 30ms + back down to single digits on Syria single player after turning it off in the settings and deleting the lines from the lua. Login to the app and click the gear icon. It is about half way down.
  12. Ordered VKB Gunfighter from their sight on 9/5/2020. In my hands (FL, USA) on 9/11/2020. 2nd order on 10/13/2020 for an extra stick. Site said up to a couple week delay because they were working though backlog of being on vacation. In my hands on 10/19/2020. I went back and forth on VKB or Vripil before my first order. Couldn't be happier with VKB quality and the delivery time frame. I also bought the VKB pedals from x-plane.org and had them in a couple days, but they don't list them anymore.
  13. Plus one to the altimeter bug. That really needs to get fixed.
  14. The wire colors are correct in these pictures, but I believe the pinout is incorrect. At least this pinout is not the same as the F18 grip that I have. Just a FYI for anyone else trying to do this same thing. Use the pinout included with the MMJoy software.
  15. As resolution to all of my problems I decided to buy another grip. After help here and more from the developer of FreeJoy on Discord I was confident that my wiring was correct, but the grip wasn't working. I ordered a new grip from Amazon that was delivered today. I plugged it in and everything works properly. All button presses were captured with no issues.
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