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  1. Why is basic stuff like button mappings STILL not fixed after all these years? This shouldn't even be something that needs fixing, it's something that should've been implemented properly from the very start.
  2. Apparently "before" is too hard to type for some people. Low effort post anyway.
  3. I used this image as my user theme background. I think it looks really cool:
  4. You mean the texture files? I believe those are the `carrier_*` files in `CoreMods\tech\USS_Nimitz\Textures`.
  5. I was wondering about the same. Probably something that will be coming in the near future.
  6. That's a great write-up, thanks for taking your time to post it! Definitely agree that this should be stickied. I think rarely is there a thread that fits so well into a subforum.
  7. I don't really find it any harder. If anything, I'd say it's easier - the carrier is larger, you get instructions on what to do, you get the lights so overall I've been landing the Hornet pretty much every time (have had one WO out of about 15 landings). Two things I don't understand though are: 1) Every single landing rating gives me [bC], which apparently means "no ball call has been made". Is that something I need activate from the F10 options? If so then at which moment. because there is nothing during any of the legs apart from the standard ones. 2) Another combination that I ke
  8. Looking good, about to install your mod and have a play with Harriers. Do you have any plans on doing HMS Invincible too? That was the carrier that hosted the 801 squadron during the Falklands war (HMS Hermes had the sister 800 squadron) for those that don't know.
  9. I never use it. It feels overly bright and I can't read any text on it. In addition to that it's hard to see it behind the stick.
  10. Looks great! You should do this for all other modules :D
  11. Don't work for me either. Probably lost in the sea of bugs and missing features.
  12. I think you're missing an opportunity with this big sale going on. I understand the thinking around not wanting to devalue your product so early in its life cycle but, if you look from the point of view of a customer, there are currently several ED aircraft to try (and eventually buy) and then there are Heatblur modules that we can't even test. I have personally installed almost all modules that ED are offering at the moment to help me make my mind up when it comes to purchases. As we all know, there are a lot of quality modules to choose from so if I end up buying one or two or three then
  13. I'd like the existing ones to be finished first.
  14. Where did you find the NATOPS manual? I've been looking for ages but couldn't find anything.
  15. Why are you aiming for 10 landings an hour? You'd be constantly taking off and landing without ever doing anything else.
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