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  1. everything up to date Some missions works brilliantly as it should. other missions AIRIO commands are not available. Done the repair/close VA/ delete export/open VA/close VA Dance still hit and miss when it work and when i just get the beep and know AIRIO commands are not available.is showing in VA
  2. Any chance this could be migrated to another map? Nevada, PG or Syria?
  3. Can you set it in the PG or Syria maps?
  4. Similar to the way Lantirn control can be through the use of a modified .lua can the Jester key commands be edited so that the pilot can jettison the drop tanks?
  5. DOF Reality P3. 90% Completely new.
  6. the issue is when trying to access F10 menu options during missions. spawning random enemies etc even in the QM theres easy/med/hard mission options to use when you are already in the air
  7. which screws to take out to get the outer case off? Looking to bolt it down to my rig interested in seeing this Sir
  8. Can anyone point in the direction of a laser cutting engraving service. have winwing Taurus dcf files and want them cut out and engraved to replace the stock panel with my labels. I only fly in vr so it’s not urgent just a thing I’d like to do
  9. Love me a dynamic mission. any chance of a PG or Syria version? been looking at the caucasus since 2011
  10. voronka_ground_nm.dds was missing in there. TY Sir
  11. I've tried repair, updates and still no joy. Every ground impact has the missing texture around the base of the smoke. Is there someway I can get this, maybe, single impact crater texture map?
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