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  1. if the bulbs are going to blow can we get a game mechanic to swap in a new one from the sidewall
  2. its labeled On/Off but its function description is Open/Auto so is it On=Auto/Off=Open or On=Open/Off=Auto
  3. any progress on the upload? beautiful paint jobs
  4. always in tomcat both servers have player exports enabled, hoggit password protected is only diff problem happens in simple sp missions compared to complex many unit type sp missions
  5. @Hollywood_315 did a complete uninstall/reinstall done every trick i can find and still getting this error "simple" instant action missions works perfectly TTI and DCS Liberation "complex" SP missions phrase is recognised by VA but F-14 does not show in PTT window and "airio commands not available" Hoggit training server phrase is recognised by VA but F-14 does not show in PTT window, and "airio commands not available" Wolf pack server works perfectly all above in same DCS session, log above is from an earlier session, showing recognised phrase no
  6. This is my log file. Went into the Wolf Pack server, AIRIO works fine, Went into the HOGGIT Training server, no joy with AIRIO, went in Caucasus free flight SP and AIRIO works fine. VAICOMPRO.log
  7. I checked in reg-edit and there was an entry for DCS as well as the open beta, so blew that away. so the DCS ghost folder is no more.
  8. Im still getting "airio commands not available" which is still driving me nuts working around and resetting VAICOM to fix seemingly every other week. VAICOM keeps putting a "DCS" folder in my saved games folder separate from my actual DCS.openbeta folder. custom path is set to C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta, stand-alone and beta both checked And theres Mods and Scripts folder dumped into the root of C: i dont know if this causing the airio error or another issue ​
  9. skunk160

    F14 ICS and PTT

    I'm having an issue which might be related, regardless of hot mic on/off in the Cat pit the VA mic is hot all the time with no PTT, all other planes I have, the mic is only hot in VA when I use the PTT as it should be.
  10. I asked this on another forum and wondered what the answer would be in DCS, I know of all the dynamic missions, played or tried them all. But its nearly always too many units etc for good FPS in VR, I'm thinking more along the lines of those but only units spawn relevant to me in my general area "Are there any Dynamic missions I mean missions where random ground/air op-for are spawned say by flying through a trigger zone and a random selection of op-for are spawned in different locations relatively near by, so you go up for your usual CAP and depending on which trigger you trip and what ran
  11. so tired of this, back to AIRIO commands not available repaired dcs, deleted export.lua and reset vaicom lua and keywords works in sp does not work in mp with or without srs
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