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  1. yes somehow the aircraft knows to start wings folded on the carrier, and start wings spread on the ground - wonder what's controlling that. thanks for everyone's inputs!
  2. Thanks for the replies folks. The reason I would like to unfold the wings on land is because I use my simpit as a STEM training device at the local community college and high school, and my guest pilots are super novices that like to push all the buttons and see all the stuff move - but starting them on the ship and thinking they can taxi to the hookup is too much for these beginners. So if I could have the wings folded at a cold start, it would be another pretty cool thing for the young students to be able to do during the start up procedure. thanks
  3. The F-18 starts wings folded when on the carrier, but always wings unfolded on land. Is there a way to have a mission start on land, but you still have to spread the wings? thanks
  4. I'd like to just map a single button to tell the ground crew to remove chocks on my simpit instead of having to use the keyboard. Right now its the only thing I have to use a keyboard for. Like maybe a way to script the commands all together? thanks
  5. Quick two-cents: I'm not a real Harrier pilot but I've worked around them for decades and watched thousands of landings up close. I've flown the real simulator several times and can vertical land the Harrier easy. I think I can say that the pendulum effect at low speeds that I also get into very easily flying DCS does not happen on a real jet. I don't know if its how the puffer jets (RCS) are modeled, but a real Harrier is much more stable and the pilot-induced waving is not a thing in real life. I've never seen a real just start waving side to side as it landed. It seems like DCS does no
  6. I must be missing something. It seems that sometimes when I start up from Cold Dark, the NWS "comes online" as it should, but sometimes it doesn't. I can't quite figure it out. Normally it shows NWS in the hud, and the front wheels steer as is proper, but sometimes the NWS never appears in the HUD and I can't seem to find a switch that will activate it. Is this a known bug? thanks
  7. They have good adjustable seats at Staples, I use one. haha, couldn't resist, sorry. Actually try the ctrl-shift-then a keypad number, you should be able to shift around.
  8. Ah OK, thanks. Glad to know its not something vexed on just me, ha.
  9. one of my pictures shows both MFDs "working" fine, but if I hit the HUD button, I get a blank screen except for the edge words for the buttons. There should be a HUD shown in the blank screen on the right!
  10. I have two external monitors that act as sim box MFD's. They work perfectly except that if I push the HUD button, nothing shows up on the MFD's. The HUD is shown on the MFD on the main display screen, but nothing is echoed to the external MFD. Is it just me, or has anyone seen this before? thanks. ps. If anyone wants info on my mostly 3D-printed Harrier sim box, I might could provide. Its a work in progress of course.
  11. So I think I figured it out. It appears that the AFC will not engage IF you have already trimmed the aircraft past a certain limit. That the AFC worked in Open Beta for me was just due to me unwittingly not trimming the aircraft before testing the AFC. I can replicate the issue now by trimming a bit too much, AFC doesn't engage, then trim back a little, AFC engages. I can't say what the exact limit is, you have to feel for it. Interesting.
  12. AFC with and without Altitude Hold worked fine for me just a few weeks ago in regular DCS, but now I can't get it to engage at all. Yet if I run DCS Open Beta, the AFC engages just perfectly all the time. I understand all of the conditions that must be present for it to engage as I used to use it all the time, especially when scanning for targets with the TPOD. Any ideas? I must be missing something. - thanks.
  13. ! yea it worked. I tested it by telling it to start with mission with the battery switch in the ON position instead of usual OFF, and it worked. Thanks a ton for your very kind help with this. All the best to you. -Greg
  14. Oh wait, I found it! It's not under a specific aircraft, its just the "rules for trigger" on the right. Let me play with it a bit. thanks.
  15. Ak OK, I got that to work. I get the info now when I hover over the binding as you say. But I still don't see how you are getting the three-pane screen with "TRIGGERS CONDITIONS ACTIONS". I think you must be in the mission editor software, but for the life of me I can't get that screen to open. I add a client aircraft, then select it, then I see TRIGGERED ACTIONS with a number of options and drop-down menus, but I don't see anything resembling your three-pane window there. thanks.
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