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  1. Good day gents, The title says it all really. Does anyone have a clear procedure that we can apply in DCS Huey to eliminate cargo load swinging. Agreed, it best way to eliminate cargo swinging is to prevent the darn thing from happening in the first place i.e smooth, small control inputs for all the axis of control. But despite our best effort, stuff happens, nuff said. Some Youtube videos spoke about going to an external view and timing the movement of the Huey so we get ourselves over the cargo at the apex of its swing etc, but I could'nt find a way to make that work. Any tried and true method for elimination of cargo swing? What do the other Huey pilots here practice? If something works for you, I'm all ears. Thanks friends, and stay safe always.
  2. Dont mention it Flappie. Glad to help. My apologies for the wrongly sited post though. Cheers everyone and keep up the good work!
  3. Hi everybody. The title says it all. Saw this floating bridge at N35o39.200 E36o01.480 during the DCS Larkin Aviation campaign. I'm running DCS Open Beta And the adjacent road texture is borked as well. A pic is worth a thousand words. Please sort it out ED. Gracias!
  4. Hi everyone. I'd just like to confirm with ED and the creators of this campaign i.e Dzen if it indeed has been updated for DCS 2.7? Thanks everyone and do stay safe in these crazy times.
  5. Hi Everyone, Firstly the obvious. I apologize for putting a request for a Mod related to a legacy version of DCS World 1.5 on a DCS World 2.5 thread but the World 1.x Legacy thread is locked for reading only. Hence my post here. Which brings me to my request gents. I was wondering if anyone can share Mustangs DCS World 1.5 terrain mod or Starways DCS Caucasus 1.5 Mod? Yes I know its YEARS past but I'm trying to run the old Vergeev campaign and other classic Ka50 missions; and there are issues with 2.5.5 eg. units in trees etc. Cheers, thanks and stay safe in these trying times. :helpsmilie: P.S Transferred this post to the Mods section - albeit a bit spotty
  6. Hey everyone, I just got my hands on a Saitek X 52 pro and I have to confess, the handling of the joystick isn't too bad, I mean you get what you pay for right.. both good and bad.. :) There's a nagging issue I have with some of the buttons in the Windows calibration and testing utility.. 1.Try as I might I can't seem to get buttons 35-39 lit.. Where are the buttons that govern those responses? 2.Also, is it normal for buttons 17 and 18 to momentarily flash when scrolling with the wheel? Generally all the hat switches and other buttons work fine.. I had a poorly responsive "fire D" button but that's improved with frequent pushes and it's not sluggish anymore.. 3.The rotary axis's esp. the 'Y' occasionally spike and jitter a little, same goes with the throttle when it's at extremes of motion.. Is this expected..Is a little spiking normal? This throttle is brand new! I installed off the CD and I followed the instructions carefully to only plug in the controller when prompted.. It went well or so I thought.. I'm going to try installing with the latest drivers from Saitek's website. Do I need to bother with that, or should I just exchange it? It's only a day old.. My system Core i7 920 OC to 4.34 Ghz Asus P6T Windows 7 64 bit 6 GB Ram Radeon 5850 Corsair TX 850 W PS Thanks
  7. Hello again everyone! Firstly I'd like to thank everyone for their prompt replies. Warms the cockles of me heart it does. :thumbup: :) Apologies on my part are in order for not replying to the posts sooner, swamped with work, what can I say. I recently had the opportunity to handle the saitek x 52 pro, and I can say that I liked the look and the ergonomics of the stick but there were some glaring issues: 1.What do you guys think of the play between the handle and the steel rod that the stick is mounted on- as mentioned bu Outlaw in his post on this thread? Are there any mods to counter this? Is this an inherent design flaw in the X 52 pro, or did I handle a bad stick? 2.When moving the stick from the dead centre position, it's apparent that more force is required than if me move the stick from an already off centre position. I was trying to finesse the stick and it became very apparent that fine control would be a problem, as the stick would 'jump' , 'snap' during that initial movement past center- leading to a tendency to overcompensate. It's caused by the the friction of the metal cup on the ring underneath sure, but... (a)is this normal i.e an inherent design flaw with all X 52 pros or was my unit FUBARed (b)does lubing eg with gunoil, liquid detergent or parrafin completely eliminate this issue or merely make it tolerable to live with? 3.Are there any SIMPLE mods to amend the centering issue on the Saitek X 52 pro. I'm not keen on laser cut gimbals ala the sukhoi forums or a custom metal gimbal setup. Rather anything with RC shocks etc? If not for these two issues I would buy this stick now... jury's still out for now. Thank you gentlemen for the feedback and do keep them replies comin! Cheers!:beer:
  8. Hey everyone, I'm in a little of a bind. You see, I had my heart initially set on the Saitek X52 pro, yup i've read the reviews and posts etc. and I know despite the hardware problems the stick has i.e hardware deadzones, the soft spring issue etc. it's a pretty darn good stick once modded- hardware wise that is.[ magnet mods etc] Recently I've been regularly going through the Saitek forums and it's more than readily apparent that the stick has more than hardware issues- i.e USB power issues- problems with unpowered hubs, SST compatiblity issues etc. the list is pretty long- and all these seem software related. My question is- has Saitek ironed out all these issues? Is this finally a reliable, good stick to buy or will i thoroughly regret my purchase? I'm actually also thinking about modding my Thrustmaster T1600m- i.e building a separate throttle controller and rudder pedals using the pots from the unit- as for the control stick- I'm thinking of replacing the centering mechanism with metal gimbals i.e a spider from a U joint/ or four bearings welded to some rectangular plates- a simple design. I'm impressed with the precision of the T1600m Hall sensor -16 bits!:thumbup: I'd hate to have to deal with long term software issues that nothing can help. A lot of people out there a really really unhappy with this stick. Any positive comments? Anyone? I don't want to regret my buying decision, and though it's much cheaper than the TM/ CH models, it's not exactly dirt cheap. Frazer, Pilotasso- you guys have been using the stick for a while- in Frazer's case quite a while I think.. any comments. Thanks. [i'm not looking for info re. mods, more on if there've been firmware updates, or SST updates etc, impression of Saitek customer service etc] Nonetheless, if this has all been covered.. you have my sincere and most abject apologies pilots. Fly straight!:joystick:
  9. Hi everyone. I've installed the replacement texturepack 7.0, but All the in game textures are still the same old vanilla ones i.e old building, control tower and airbase fence texures. I installed with modman 7.0. No errors were encountered during installation. I'm running DCS Black Shark V1.01c. My specs: Windows 7 Ultimate Intel i7920 OC'ed to4.3 GHZ ATI Radeon 5850 OC'ed to 975,1150 Catalyst 10.6 AA 4x [box], AF 16x, Vsync ON,Triple Buffering,Catalyst A.I Off Any ideas what I did wrong? Cheers and thanks
  10. Does DCS blackshark have optmized utilization for multithreading or hyperthreading on Corei7920 CPU's? Performance and FPS wise, should we keep these options on or off in our BIOS? Thanks Guys.
  11. Hi all, I just have a question regarding the axis tune function in dcs blackshark. I'm unable to tune any joystick axis under the black shark configuration utility, that option is grayed out. I'm using a logitech extreme 3d pro with the latest drivers from the logitech website. My system: Core i7920-windows 7 64 bit ati Radeom 5850 Asus p6t mobo Any ideas? Many thanks.
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