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  1. In connection with the dynamic board numbers I felt motivated to completely rework the AGRS skin. There will be more AGRS skins. Thanks again to Roughmaster for letting me use your Nozzle! Simply great! Have fun and I hope you like the new version. Maybe I will publish an update in the near future, I am still learning in the roughmets section! :weight_lift: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313529/
  2. I have found the error. Under "Saved Games" there is another directory of the Model Viewer, I have deleted it and now the program works again... :music_whistling:
  3. I haven't used the Model Viewer 2 for a few months, now I wanted to continue working on my skins. But the MV quits without error message as soon as I want to open an EDM file, does anyone have the same problem and is there a solution? I have completely reinstalled the beta client but it did not help.
  4. Cool Stuff! I like it.. :thumbup:
  5. Just like all other skins for the F-16. Into the folder: DCS World OpenBeta\CoreMods\aircraft\F-16C\Liveries\F-16C_50 Or C:\Users\(Your PC Name)\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Liveries\F-16C_50 Works both ways. Greets.
  6. I forgot to add that, maybe it will help them. If you don't know how to work the roughmets, this can be a bit tricky at the beginning. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=193596
  7. Very Good Roughmet @Roughmaster ^^ I am curious about the end result and how it will looks ingame. keep it up! :thumbup:
  8. Zer07

    Hellenic Vipers

    Congrats :thumbup: Nice Skins for the CFT Mod! ;]
  9. Hi, maybe it is because of the material you use for the Roughmet. This should be identical if you want the exact colour tone, otherwise you have to match the colour tone to the material. Greets
  10. I must honestly say that I am a little disappointed. Syria offers a beautiful landscape, but it doesn't come across well in DCS. As mentioned above, the surroundings are shown in a too small radius, so that the objects appear in front of your nose. The textures on medium and far distance are very washed out and of low quality! I understand that you have to compromise somewhere to ensure a playable experience. But I think this should never be at the expense of the landscape. I personally prefer to do without these detailed cities, which are of little interest to me. The map has a lot of potent
  11. Here a new desert skin. I wanted to get away from the blurred schema of the previous ones. :music_whistling: More variants will certainly follow. Download: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3311716/ The front page has been updated and made clearer.^^
  12. Zer07

    JASDF Liveries

    Great Work! :thumbup: The skin will certainly be very popular on the Mariana Islands. :egg:
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