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  1. I have the mod. I just want to see what stuff looks like in real life Both Russian and Western layouts.
  2. Changed a few settings from a youtube shadowplay tutorial. Seems perfect now!! Sorry for the bother Thanks anyways!
  3. Hey folks, Trying to create a realistic-looking bombing range in DCS. Searched through google images but can't find all that many good photos. Perhaps this thread could be for folk to share real life photos or videos of bombing ranges? Would be greatly appreciated for mission makers too
  4. Well I'm not streaming. I'm just trying to record on screen gameplay to edit later. I have an EVO 970 M.2 SSD.
  5. Hey folks, My simple questions - Is there a way of recording my on screen game footage as it happens in such a way that when I play back the recording it will be exactly the same in terms of fps/ smoothness as my actual real-time game? I've tried both OBS and Shadowplay and in both cases I seem to occasionally have a drop in fps during the playback. When I actually do the recording to begin with it's perfectly smooth. But during playback occasionally there's a stutter or a drop in fps. I don't get why!! How can it record bits of stuttering when I experienced none during the recording? Is there a solution here? Around 12 years ago I used to use Fraps I think to record on screen footage in Flaming Cliffs... had no issue at all back then! If it makes any difference my specs are: 4k screen 38" screen Ryzen 9 3950X Nvidia 2080 Super 64GB RAM Cheers!
  6. But no issues on Nevada nor Georgia... hmm.
  7. Great Work @MAESTR0 Could I ask if there are plans to get rid of runway lights during day time?? It's the only part that makes it seems somewhat strange!
  8. Hey Sedlo, any missions or campaigns in the works using the Syria map? Cheers!
  9. Thank you for this, and sorry about not saying thank you a long time ago. I only just got round to trying to set this up. Am I right in saying, doing it this way means that for every time you fly the mission only one of the groups will activate? How do I make it so that any random amount of groups activate? For example - I have 28 groups. What if I want anywhere from 10 to 20 of those groups to randomly activate?
  10. Hi folks, Can't find a decent video on youtube. Can someone suggest? I just need make zone to spawn random enemy units for ground attack (so I don't know where they are exactly apart from the general area where they spawn) and similarly, how do I make any number of possible enemy flights spawn? Is there an easy-ish way of doing this without going into millions of details about timings, locations, setting probabilities and so on. I just need a simple - set the zone, set what units can spawn there, done... that's what i need. Is that possible? Cheers!
  11. How is that? You're always lead in those missions.
  12. Whoever decided this was a good idea needs to be shot. These lights are beyond ridiculous. To the point of where I don't want to look at my wingman at all. RAZBAM, please sort this out. It's total nonsense.
  13. Is the real Harrier really like this? Surely that can't be right?
  14. As above. Since the last patch I absolutely hate the MPCD font - seems like too few pixels and looks rather strange. Struggling to read some of the text displayed. Is this a bug or is this actually an update to stay for good? Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I'll avoid and hold out till somone makes a decent realistic Harrier campaign There is such a huge lack of good content for the Harrier and for DCS in general
  16. I think they should make it a thing that the first mission can always be played for free to let you see what it's like. I think this would be super easy to do. in general though I think DCS has massive shortcomings in content. Both in terms of quality, quantity and the UI. I've bought a number of campaigns before which I hated after the first mission so that is why I was curious to see what other's think. At least with Rising Squall they don't try to show it for what it isn't. I think from all the videos they've shown it's dead obvious what you're buying. It's more annoying when a campaign isn't advertised as such and you end up finding out what it is after paying.
  17. Sounds very interesting. Thank you! So is it using some sort of external UI like the Liberation Campaign or is all of this somehow done within the mission editor?
  18. Interesting. Thanks for the feedback. Could you let us know what it's like a couple of missions in? Does it feel realistic in terms of correct units and what the AI does? And is the immersion factor pretty good with everything that's happening around you/ static units etc? Cheers!
  19. Yep, it looks amazing, but unfortunately it's for the F-16 which I don't have and don't plan to Hi BD, thanks for taking into account my feedback. With regards to Pontus, what exactly does the following entail? - "you will have to plan, design and execute various demanding missions for your squadron"
  20. Great, looking forward to some feedback
  21. Thanks for your input. I've completed most missions in Raven One and all 5 missions of the free Ottoman campaign for the Av-8B by BD. Whilst I in no way mean any disrespect to BD, and I think what he does is very good, there were a number of aspects in those campaigns I did not enjoy - one is that everything feels extremely scripted and you always feel like you are moving through a pre-determined corridor ( a scripted movie) where the outcome is always the same and you cannot deviate from course. Whilst I do think scripting can be a great thing, I believe you never have dynamic open-ended situations in his missions that you would in real life. In other words I feel like you should be able to determine what and how you will do stuff as opposed to always being told what to do. Again, I want to stress this is just my own personal critique and I applaud BD for his efforts! Secondly, there were various bits which I thought lacked some attention to detail - just as a random example the Georgian AF used Su-25Ts (they never had those) or landing on an aircraft carrier after a mission and it's deck would be totally empty - no planes, no equipment, cranes, tugs or personnel (except the launch crews). I know BD explained this is done to prevent AI from screwing up on landing and blocking stuff but IMO it doesn't explain why you can't have a crane, some tugs and personnel, plus one or two aircraft at least to create some feeling of a realistic environment. Maybe I'm just being overly critical here and most people just don't care about this but for me, there's been a number of times where the immersion was broken as a result of being over-scripted or some lack of attention to detail. I don't mind that some missions are super-scripted like the missing man formation flyover the carrier deck - obviously that is impossible to do otherwise. But when it comes to combat, it would be nice to have a more open-ended experience where you had more choice about going about your business. Hence why I would like to know what this campaign is like. It does sound extremely promising. When you say ",the dynamic aspects are how you make your wingman do their missions (CAP,CAS,SEAD)" - does this mean you can give normal commands to your AI wingman about what to do? In the 2 campaigns I mentioned above your wingman really felt scripted to the point of where you just waited for him to follow a certain script rather than decide yourself what he should do. Even stuff like constantly being in close formation was a bit frustrating at times as you had no option to tell him to spread out the formation. For reference - there was a Red Flag 16-2 F-15C campaign from 4-5 years ago. It wasn't very scripted yet it was brilliant in putting you in the middle of a realistic scenario. There were a few things that were a bit off in that, but overall that felt brilliant in terms of immersion despite the lack of specific micro-scripting. If this campaign is more like that or a combination of both elements, I would be happy to buy it! (sorry about the essay )
  22. I'm glad to hear we have some new content for the AV-8B! Could someone who was brave enough to purchase and try this out let us all know their verdict here before I take the plunge myself. Cheers!
  23. Hey folks, I see I'm creating the first topic. Since I saw the trailer and description for this campaign, it caught my attention! So could someone who was brave enough to purchase and give it a go, respond here with their verdict? I'm curious about how this is done as it seems a little different to the normal scripted campaigns? What aspects are dynamics and how is the mission editor involved in the whole thing? I wish we could try one mission for free to see what it's like Cheers!
  24. Or maybe I've been flying Lock On from 2007 But yes, I know they may well over-run the stated timeline. I'm just saying April is in Q2
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