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  1. Hope you enjoy and feel free to subscribe if you're interested in more flying shenanigans
  2. Apparently it's: Left CTRL and Tab if you want to remove it for the entire session it is L CTRL LSHFT Y
  3. @Maverick87Shaka I think the BDA report is on the right of the screen. Have a look at the screenshot below - the orange text on the left is what I want to get rid of in MP.
  4. Interesting. If I'm honest I just wanted to see how it would feel like to glide down without any engine thrust - pure deadstick. It seems like this is impossible to make happen though. I do find it a bit ridiculous you can't have some sort of back up to power the FCS in dual engine failure. Oh well. Thanks for the responses all
  5. Hi guys, not sure exactly how to describe it but when you're flying about in MP there's a log of what has happened on the left hand side of the screen in orange writing - is it possible to hide this somehow? Cheers!
  6. Also just found this discussion on the topic. Seems a bit bizarre that you are essentially left with an "unlandable" plane if you lose both engines!
  7. @Swiftwin9s So it's supposed to kick in automatically? Coz in DCS after the engines come offline, you're very quickly left an uncontrollable plane. At least for landing anyway. @Svsmokey Good advice re-Real Housewives but I'm really keen on making this deadstick landing work
  8. Hi folks, Can't find any info on this in either the official manual, chuck's guides or any youtube video. I want to find out if there's a way of having both engines shut down/ fail in flight and not loose the hydraulics/ FCS. Does the APU provide any power to some sort of electric driven hydraulic pumps or something of that nature so that you can maintain adequate control trying to do a deadstick landing or is there some specific procedures in the Hornet required to perform a full engine-out landing? Cheers!
  9. Hi folks, Decided to make a video trying to replicate these two high alpha airshow crashes and see if DCS flight modelling yielded similar results. If you enjoy this one please feel free to let me know if you have any other ideas for what we can recreate and analyse using DCS besides shooting stuff up And also please consider subscribing if you think it might be up your street. Cheers!
  10. Yeah, the lighting is just epic. I think it's a bit more yellow'y than before but everything feels a lot more realistic now!
  11. Made a little reaction video with the new clouds. Thanks ED!! Great job!! After some bugs are sorted it will be next level!
  12. Early morning arrival into Nellis in 4k. Please subscribe AV-8B Carrier Landing in a Storm before the new clouds arrive...
  13. Made a somewhat realistic arrival into Nellis. Enjoy in 4k
  14. Are we still looking for 2.7 release this coming Wednesday?
  15. Thanks folks, don't forget to subscribe for new content! I'm actually starting the channel up properly in the coming weeks
  16. Love the rain effects in DCS. Also wish we had bigger waves and the deck pitched a bit more, but anyway. I reckon this shows off DCS pretty well even before the new clouds and thunderstorms arrive!
  17. Ah so I may have figured something out - it's not the track that is f'ed up. It might be windows media player that makes it run slow. What software do you guys use for playback of clips?
  18. Great, I was about to say it's the only one I couldn't find
  19. That's awesome. Thanks a lot for that! Didn't know about those. Found them on google maps. Very interesting.
  20. I have the mod. I just want to see what stuff looks like in real life Both Russian and Western layouts.
  21. Changed a few settings from a youtube shadowplay tutorial. Seems perfect now!! Sorry for the bother Thanks anyways!
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