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  1. Decided to make my own demo using somewhat plausible airshow rules and regulations.
  2. Yeah might try and use OBS but it seems like OBS kills more frames during recording than Shadowplay. I'll give it a shot anyway.
  3. Hi folks, So I was recording an airshow display with an external fixed camera view from the airshow crowd line and you can really hear and feel the thunder of the afterburner in DCS - it's actually sensational. I record it with shadowplay but the recording sound quality is just not like the original - some of the thunder is lost. I can't seem to find any specific shadowplay audio quality setting for recording. Has anyone encountered this or knows how to make the recording sound as good as the real DCS playback? Cheers!
  4. For anyone interested - same display but with a GoPro style camera view
  5. Ah right. Can't say this bothers me as much. Would be nice to have it fixed of course. However huge fps drops over populated areas do bother me.
  6. Hi guys, I'm aware you can just position the camera where you want with F2 view and then press RCtrl + F11 to go into free camera mode but that camera does not follow the aircraft, you have to do it manually. Is there a way of setting up a camera where you want but then have it actually automatically look at the airplane from that set location? Just trying to set up an airshow style camera where you physically don't have to follow the plane with it. Is there a way of doing this? Many thanks!!
  7. What's up with the water?
  8. Doing a realistic set-up here using NATO training rules for 1v1 guns-only training BFM employing the 1000ft bubble for safety. Was fun learning how they do it Enjoy!
  9. Took a bit of practice but I think I managed to get it pretty close to the real thing? Looks like the DCS Hornet has slightly worse nose-down (push-over) authority vs the real one. I tried various speeds but couldn't get it close to the real one. Otherwise looks fairly similar for the vast majority of it I would say!
  10. Yes, I know, I'm an idiot - just missed a sale, but really need to get the Christian Eagle and $29 is a bit steep. Anyone know when the next sale is likely? Is it autumn? Cheers!
  11. Just a little flying challenge... this time in the Hornet
  12. Ah I see they go into quite a lot of detail there. I'm no expert but a real fighter pilot (not an F-18 guy) told me it shouldn't be like that. All I know is that this horrible AA radar is putting me off doing Hornet missions grrr.
  13. Hey folks, what's going on with the Hornet's radar lately? I haven't done any BVR in it for months till yesterday. Now BVR is an absolute chore - radar looses lock literally all the time now. I don't think I've once managed to maintain lock, crank, maneuver etc. I'm assuming this is some sort of bug? Surely can't be right? Maybe it's a bit better in STT, not sure, but RWS is total garbage. Tried various PRF settings - no effect.
  14. Hey folks, so like everyone I've been enjoying the new clouds in DCS for the last month however never actually realised that night lighting has been improved in the 2.7 update!! So in this video I do a little reaction to trying out DCS at night for the first time. Over Vegas. If you're interested in supporting the channel please consider lightly tapping the like button and subscribing. Cheers!
  15. Hi all, in this one I learn how they do it for real. Any light tap of the like button highly appreciated if you've enjoyed the video
  16. Hey folks, How come my fps is worse in MP vs SP using the exact same mission?? Is that normal? Cheers
  17. Analysing a defensive spiral BFM fight
  18. Follow along as I learn how to set up a realistic 1v1 merge for a BFM training fight
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