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  1. Hey folks, Really struggling with the middle position of some 3-way toggle switches on the throttle quadrant (Thrustmaster Warthog). I can assign the 2 positions on either side of the centre position on the 3-way toggle swiches but not the middle position. "assign button" simply does not recognise the middle position of toggle switches :huh: Also, currently messing around with the Su-25T and in control options it only gives you options for flaps UP or flaps DOWN. Nothing in between. Confused about that - by default if you press "F" on the keyboard you do get the flaps to extent to a middle settings but there is no way of assigning that in control options? And one last thing. Why is there no axis assignment for rudder pedal toe brakes? Can't get my toe brakes on the pedals assigned. The control options only allows a single button for brakes? Strange. Many thanks!
  2. If that is indeed the case then I do apologise, I didn't realise you can get AI to fly upside down or choose transition between maneuvers. I'll have to check it out once I havd DCS back up and running in a few days.
  3. Yeah I'm sorry but I think what the AI aerobatic maneuvers offer in the editor is extremely limited to put it politely. Even let's say the totally unrealistic flight model aside for AI completing aerobatic maneuvers, there is just a massive lack of options as to the display you want to fly. I mean take any normal formation display that involves various transitions between maneuvers, perhaps inverted flight, maybe a wing over or a high alpha pass, perhaps an abrupt break etc etc etc. There is simply no way you could even build a realistic display routine using AI tracks and maneuvers. Having a tool to play back a recording as AI basically opens up huge rage of creative opportunities for creating your own formation displays, and perhaps even multi-ship displays too. I think we all need to group together and ask ED to implement this. How hard can it be from a technical stand point? Hell, I'd even pay money for a tool like this.
  4. I'm astonished this hasn't been developed already as it would be a super straight forward tool requiring almost no man hours and adding a huge amount of possibilities for formation flying. Basically I'd like to be able to record a flight then play it back as an AI plane so I could then follow that plane as a wing man. It would mean you could create your own formation aerobatics displays in single player and not having to deal with another person's flying skills or internet connection lag.
  5. All of these options sound very very limited. I'm quite frankly amazed that in so many years of doing this ED hasn't created something like this already. Can't be very difficult to implement! Combat is great and all but being able to create your own aerobatic routine would be sensational with all the cool planes we have now! Especially if you eliminate multiplayer lag and not having to rely on another person for smoothness of control inputs.
  6. Not sure how that works but I'll have a look once I have DCS installed on my new system in the next week or so.
  7. Hey folks, I remember many years ago FS2004 had a third party tool to record any flight you did and then play it back as an AI aircraft in another flight. Basically it meant if you wanted to do some aerobatics in formation you could record yourself first as flight lead, then start another flight and play back your recording as an AI aircraft and fly formation with it. So basically you could do formation aerobatics without having to deal with multiplayer. Is there anything like this for DCS? Many thanks!
  8. Many thanks for the suggestions! Which website do you recommend for building your own PC in the UK? Option of local shop building it is out of the question as the UK is on lockdown.
  9. Hey folks, I'm new to writing on the forum even though I've essentially been following all DCS developments since it's creation. I grew up messing around in flight sims and spent countless hours/days/weeks in the original Flaming Cliffs. I'm now a real world 737 pilot but given as there's not much real flying happening atm I thought it might be a good opportunity to finally try the latest DCS has to offer. I have absolutely no idea about the latest and greatest tech and quite frankly it all sounds like black magic to me so hopefully some of you can help me out! I don't really have a set budget for the rig but I would ideally not like to spend more than £2k. If I have to go over it's not a big deal. This is just for the PC itself (not including monitor/ stick etc etc). I'm basically looking for something that can provide me with a silky smooth experience on high fidelity settings without having to spend much time optimizing things or having to figure out how to overclock the system and monitor temps ect (I find all this geeky computer stuff a bit overwhelming). I'm using a HP Z38C 4k monitor if it makes any difference. If you could maybe suggest the most important components to go for - processor/GPU/cooler/ RAM/ SSD/ power supply and I'll try to build something on pcbuilder. The plan is to use trackir for now but if I could do VR in future using this rig that would be good! Many thanks! Timur
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