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  1. Ah right. Shame there's no panning camera option in settings
  2. Hi folks, in the first scene of the following video Matt Wagner has a very smooth panning/ rotating shot around the chopper. How do you do that in DCS?
  3. Hey folks, sorry couldn't find a Tacview forum section. My tacview lately seems to only show my own unit on the replay and absolutely nothing else despite the mission having lots of stuff happening. And this seems to be the same for SP and MP tacks. I've also downloaded the latest Tacview 1.8.6 and still the same issue Any ideas? Used to work fine before! No idea what has changed. And this is irrespective of whether I have modded or no modded units in that mission. P.S. I realised that if I watch my mission track replay within DCS it generates a new track file that you can watch in tacview and that one works fine, but for some reason the original one does not
  4. Found an awesome bit of terrain for low level flying that may have gone unnoticed
  5. Hey guys, trying to shoot an ILS approach into Akrotiri in Cyprus. Got it to work once but can't get it to work at all now. 109.7 ILS frq set, (ON - "M") - Attitude Indicator - no flight directors. Irrespective of whether I have the landing waypoint active (and set to landing) in the mission editor. And no matter how many times I try now I cannot get the HUD symbology to appear. Like I say, with the active landing waypoint over the field and set to landing in ME. APP mode is ON on the PCA panel. Got it working once... but not since. Frustrated as hell :( Tried changing wind, contacting tower, basically everything I could think of that might trigger the logic. No joy. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers!
  6. Yeah me neither. I guess it's gone now. Shame there's no proper bombing ranges on the cyprus map for realistic sorties
  7. This is the bombing range I can't find... https://www.neweurope.eu/article/cyprus-recaptures-larnaca-bombing-range/
  8. Ha! No! I meant the bombing ranges
  9. Do we have them on the cyprus map?
  10. Hey folks, has anyone changed the face gasket on their G2 to get a higher FOV? I don't wear glasses. Wondering if I should get a higher FOV gasket to get my eyes closer to the lenses. Has anyone done this and if so which one/ where did you buy it? Many thanks!
  11. Anyone know of any real life Bombing Ranges in Cyprus? There's meant to be one 8km south of Laranca but I can't find it. Cheers!
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