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  1. Hi Sedlo, I don't suppose you have any more new AV-8B or F-18 missions? Your Red Flag F-18 missions were the best I've every come across. I just wish there was bit more. Especially for the Harrier. I tried Vulcan Forge but gave up kind of quickly as I wasn't a fan of the comms voicovers and the fictional scenario. I know it was your early work. I remember you were saying you have an F-18 campaign ready to go. Is that getting close? Also the Syria map has virtually zero content atm.
  2. Would be good to see a video of how it looks like in game. This would have been a total slideshow for me. Are you getting stuttering flying closer to terrain objects/ cities etc at low level?
  3. I'm just watching a video now and this guy is using some sort of red crosshairs that appears in the middle of the screen, points to a target a relays a command to the AI wingman. How do you turn on this feature? I've never seen that before. Many thanks!
  4. Hi folks, Can't find any info on this. I'm building some missions in DCS doing strikes on ISIS targets in Syria. Does anyone know if ISIS had any captured operational SAMs? Or does it not go beyond ZSU-23s and MANPADs in terms of air defense? Cheers!
  5. I'm in exactly the same boat! After years of waiting for a VR headset that doesn't have a damn screen door effect and actually looks good when you look through the lenses, I pulled the trigger on the G2 - great headset (not the be all, end all for sure, but still super great for a great VR experience) and then realised just how massive a compromise one needs to make to run it even remotely well - so you end up with the feeling of being in the plane with everything turned right down to just make it run. I thought the years of waiting for a VR headset with a great image totally defeats the purpo
  6. That's great, thanks guys! I didn't realise the markpoint gets stores as another waypoint at the end of the sequence. Many thanks!
  7. So I just tested this with a GBU-16 with fuse set to tail, D2 (delay 2 I assume which would make sense) with an AV-8B dropping onto a bunker (hangar on an airfield) on the Syria map which housed a MiG-21 as an "uncontrolled, starting from ramp" AI unit. My bomb did not destroy the MiG... so did I just not hit the bunker properly or is it impossible to destroy a plane in a bunker with a bomb in DCS? Cheers!!
  8. Is it possible to do something like this for the AV-8B?
  9. Just curious. Can't find any info on this. I'm just wanting to create a realistic mission to fly in DCS with AV-8B hitting ISIS targets. In real life were any AV-Bs flying from land bases to hit targets or from LHA only? Cheers!
  10. Had a look at Chucks Guide and youtube videos and can't make it work. Basically all I want is to slew my TPOD around on different targets, mark them for later and then be able to easily snap back to those targets with the TPOD using those markpoints that I;ve created. When I have the TPOD pointing at a particular target I press the "Mk" button on the bottom of the EHSD... ok... but I can't make the boxed DESGN turn from STP to a markpoint - in a video by Grim Reapers he said you need to press the TDC down to change it from STP to a markpoint (TGP) but nothing happens when I press TDC down (dow
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