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  1. chat support through a link related to your product. i had to do it for a new 970 evo plus.
  2. I would hold your beer for you but you may get it back a bit lighter.
  3. Thank you. I'm kinda flying blind on this (no pun intended) (yes, yes it was) so all the help i can get is much appreciated.
  4. Is 1tb enough? I plan on only using this for DCS. I don't need a HDD?
  5. I have yet to experience the joys this sim has to offer, however, if there was a module of the F-111, I would spend hundreds of hours.
  6. Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm certainly excited for this project, and getting out from behind playstation racing and up into that magical blue sky. Just a few more components and i should be there. I was going to run all storage through M.2 SSD and not use SATA or HDD. Any thoughts?
  7. I ordered a 970 evo plus 1tb with same day delivery. It shipped same day last Friday. Tracking said it got delayed in transit. Lost package. Had to text chat customer support to get a replacement and it arrived Sunday. Still had to pay the same day shipping charge. Go figure.
  8. Love the Eagle, but it's aging. Thousands of flight hours on each airframe.
  9. I was advised by svsmokey (i hope i got that right) to post my parts list here as I am in the middle of transitioning from console to PC, in the hope of getting feedback for speccing and other tips. so far I have: i7-9700k MSI MEG z390 ACE mobo 32gb RAM at 3600mhz Corsair vengeance samsung 970 evo plus 1tb Corsair 500d rgb se case MSI Ventus 2070 super gpu Corsair H115i pro AIO and i'll be replacing the ML fans with LL 140's LL 120 fan for exhaust A Corsair rm850x is on my list and Windows 10 pro. I'm scared to build this on my own. This post i feel is incomplete, but it's a
  10. Thank you. I'm still a ways off from completing my parts list. I'm nervous about building it on my own, and all my friends are knuckleheads. Thank you very much.
  11. Hello forum. I breezed through the list and thought this may be the appropriate place for this. I'm building my very first PC exclusively to play this game. I've spent alot of money and don't want to noob something expensive. Is anyone from the Phoenix area that is well versed that can help me with setting up and maybe building my PC with me? I literally know nothing about computers. Yet. Thank you for your time. spek1
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