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  1. Rolled back to no driver. Just the default driver in the windows 10. Still the same issue.
  2. Hi I don't get crash logs and the normal DCS log does not show anything, because the PC locks up totally. Even with the default windows display driver it still locks up. Very frustrating as this does not happen in any other game. Anyway I have raised a ticket with support. I got this game for the FA18 / F16C so I would like to get this working.
  3. Tested again this morning. Clean Windows install Just added AMD graphics driver Clean DCS install Nothing else, no other apps running The free flight in the SU25 run until the plan ran out of fuel Added the FA18 module and it crashed (locked up PC) within 15mins Maybe it is the extra textures some how, or a bug in the FA18 module. The Radeon Vega 64 has 8gb of RAM Maybe I will try with out the graphics driver, or any controllers plugged and try to eliminate these. Obviously running without controls or t
  4. Support ticket raised Trying again with just the SU25, no helper programs... which isn't much fun
  5. Yes. I even did a full windows reinstalled, and only installed just the programs I need, and the graphics drivers DCS OpenTrack VoiceAttack UCR Here is my new DxDiag, and log file DxDiag.txt dcs.log
  6. Yep, even physically removed my additional drive where are store my games. 5 mins in the FA18 CRASH I'll try the SU25 again.....
  7. I'm done with this game. Used to be stable, now this crashes and locks up the PC constantly Except, I did fly for an hour in the frogfoot. (not what a bought the game for) Hop in the FA18 or F16 constant crashes. It even crash when I was paused and adjusting the controls in the FA18 after just starting a free flight. All re-installed to the fast C drive, no file response time >20 ms and 95% of the time <5ms, swap file etc. all as they should be. No other game does this. Even MSFS 2020 which is more demanding in every way. CPU, G
  8. In the time I had to play after the re-install it did not crash (typical) NVME drives are SSDs as well Hopefully I get more time today
  9. Ok I'll give this a go. My windows drive and game driver are both m.2 SSDs, but I do have a internal HDD as well. What am I looking for in these screen shots?
  10. next crash ! DCS and Saved Gmeas \ DCS excluded from anti-virus and backup Going back to a full un-install, base game, no controllers nothing. dcs.log
  11. thanks for all the help here. Really appreciate it. Since I have loads of space on my drives and set a 32gb page file. Which drive should I use? the windows C drive or my game drive G min 32768 max 32786? I don't have any anti-virus other than the standard windows 10 protection. It's my gaming PC so not critical. I'm also going to test the vram. i doubt there is a probelm here as I also have MSFS 2020 which maxes out the vram.
  12. crashed without opentrack running DxDiag still shows opentrack issues despite not running how do I clear those? dcs.log DxDiag.txt
  13. Ok I’ll try without opentrack again. I’m sure I did before. any ideas about the opentrack crashes? I’ll also try without any joysticks plugged in, and not voiceattack either Not playable like this but might narrow the problem down ran a memtest86 overnight. All passed. Thanks
  14. Just to describe the problem again. When I get these crashes (only in DCS) the screen goes blank, and to only way to recover is to hold the power button for several seconds to force the PC to turn off I have never see the crash dialog in DCS I've reinstalled on my main C drive, and on my big SSD where I hold my steam games. Updated the graphic driver and windows. i7-6700k Z170 chipset 32 GB ram Radoen Vega 64 Can anyone this of anything else Thanks
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