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  1. Interesting because last DCS patch was only for campaigns.
  2. What update? Oculus PC app or device firmware?
  3. Thanks for the update. So far it seems to work in standalone. I will confirm for MP the first time I connect to a server. BTW I see that the icon in DCS writes ver.011
  4. Have you checked the IP in the DCS_MovingMap_export.lua to match your PC?
  5. Fantastic tool! Really helpful for aircrafts without a map screen (i.e M2000) Did a quick test and seems to work without issues. Thanks!
  6. I had the same issue yesterday in MP. Throttle position is for sure the culprit. I managed to get around it by removing them just before powering on.
  7. Yes, if I go through Mission builder I can fly the Spit without issue over Normandy! So my guess is that the embedded missions in Normandy require WWII Assets Pack :(
  8. I will. BTW I noticed the same behavior with P51D
  9. Thanks for your response, but this is what I see when I try to start an instant action in Normandy:
  10. Thanks for your response, but this is what I see when I try to start an instant action in Normandy:
  11. Thank you uboats, works as suggested!
  12. Hi All, After long absence (Since 2000) from the world of sims I discovered DCS. I have to say I was sceptical at the beginning as most of the sims I've seen after Falcon 4 where more arcade than simulation. The free month trial gave me the opportunity to explore different planes and I was pleasantly surprised. I bought right away the M2000C (former pilot of the EG version) and F-18 as I wanted to experience the dark side of aviation; carrier operations are always a challenge. I really enjoy the job done with the M2000 by RAZBAM and the fantastic Red Flag campaign by Baltic Drago
  13. Hi All, after long time absence from the world of Sims (last time back in 2000 with Falcon4!) I found out DCS and despite my preference to jets (due to my former occupation) I would like to take the opportunity of the free month trial and try the Spit. I downloaded both the Spit and Normandy map but I'm getting an error of missing elements whenever I tried to fly an instant action mission in Normandy. It happens in both Stable and OB versions. If I install the WWII assets pack everything work fine. Is that a normal behavior or something wrong with my installation? If it is a norma
  14. Very difficult to end up like this IRL!
  15. Hi John, it works for me as long as you put the "aircraft" folder from zip inside the right folder : ...\User\Saved games\DCS.OpenBeta\Mods\
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