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  1. Major update on the way -New Liveries -NSAWC winter-desert-blue -New details added -Weathering added -Fixes 13 skins and counting!
  2. Hey guys Heres an update for my VSN F/A-18D International Livery Pack Ive made some tweaks to all of the existing liveries based on some of the feedback I got. In addition I added two new liveries representing the U.S.N. VFA 106 Gladiators CAG and Line jets Included in the pack are... -Jolly Roggers -Top Gun -Aggressors (SU-34) -Gladiators CAG -Gladiators Line -Malaysia -RAAF -RCAF -Spain -Switzerland For 10 in total ps...all the textures are present in the download (i just didnt load them into the modelviewer)
  3. Coming Soon
  4. Can anyone tell me how to remove the "MARINES" decal that bleeds through all the skins? I imagine that it's part of the base template and want to remove it without screwing with the core file too much.
  5. I'm in as well. The IAF uses them and so does EL AL I can add it to those two packs I'm working on. Do you have an E-3 Template?
  6. Now that the ELAL pack is done, moving on to Israir Pack will include 3 skins A-320 White tail A-320 Blue tail B-737 Blue tail If enough are interested I can make Arkia as well
  7. Download https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/?PAGEN_1=2 Enjoy
  8. A huge thank you for these. I'm a noob so templates like these go a long way in giving me the "training wheels" that I need to get into skinning. Thank you
  9. Almost done with the Camo version
  10. EL AL, Israir Livery pack EL AL and Israir livery pack EL AL -B-737 -B-747 -B-757 Israir -A-320 x2 -B-737 ...coming soon
  11. Here are links to the helicopter portion of the pack https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=272477 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=272400 Also if anyone has a template for the UH-60 so that i can make the more common IAF camo skin, Id hugely appreciate it. A CH-53 template would also be greatly appreciated
  12. Here are a few skins that I am working on for an upcoming IAF AI mod pack Included so far: F-15 C Baz x2 F-15 D (E) Baz C-130 J Shimshon x3 AH-1 Cobra UH-60 Yanshuf (vsn) F-35 I (A) Adir This is my first attempt at skinning since teaching myself gimp last week I hope you guys like what Ive made and if theres enough interest, Ill keep making more AI skins until I get proficient enough to try my hand at more high res stuff.
  13. Hi guys. Im working on a skinning projects for AI aircraft. Does anyone have a template for the UH-60? Here's a skin I succeeded in making without the template but if i want to change the overall camo from the default green ill need a template. Much appreciated
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