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  1. Folks, I'm out of my depth. I need some advice . I own a PC which has an M2 250Gb memory chip on the motherboard and an additional 1Tb, 2.5" SSD drive. Windows was pre-installed . It's also got 16gb ramm. I discovered DCS during the lockdown, but a few modules and maps later and my 250Gb chip is full (Windows, DCS, etc ). I tried re-installing DCS on the slower 2.5" SSD but the game loading time is massively increased. I've therefore decided to replace the M2 250Gb with at least one of 1Tb or larger. But my issue is, how do I do so when windows and all my drivers are pre-installed
  2. Cheers. I thought I was going crazy or had lost a few IQ points whilst listening to the girlfriends drivel.
  3. Folks, Is it me or has the flight models changed in the new upgrade ? I Upgraded yesterday and suddenly I'm bouncing around in the Huey like I'm drunk. The aircraft also seems to be flying quicker - like the reaction times have reduced.
  4. Folks, I'm fast running out of space and am considering installing another SSD. Question - has anyone ever been able to move DCS to another drive without uninstalling everything and then re-installing? If so, how do you do it? Cheers
  5. Folks, Can anyone tell me the size of the module once installed? I'm running out of drive space - I have 33Gb left and wonder whether I should install and try now or wait until I upgrade my hard drive. Thanks
  6. Apologies if this isn't the correct place for posting, but I couldn't find a dedicated SU25 area. Question: What's with the glare on the cockpit HUD? I've just started learning to fly the SU25 and the glare on the HUD is driving me to distraction. Is there any way to remedy this issue, or must I choose another aircraft to start with? Thanks.
  7. Folks, Please forgive me if this has been asked many times before. I did do a search before asking, but couldn't find a definitive answer: Situation: New to DCS and very much at the beginning of the learning curve. I'm currently using a SpeedLink Black Widow controller. A combined joystick and throttle, ridder and power unit. At present i'm enjoying the UH-1, Gazelle, SU25 and SU27 modules. Question 1: Should I consider trading up to a controller set which includes pedals - will there be a big enough improvement in my capability to control the aircraft with the inclusion of pedals?
  8. I like the A-4E but I believe it doesn't work on the newest versions of DCS.
  9. I did consider the FC3 package , but I gather that the controls and flight models are generic....they don't actually represent the real planes?
  10. Folks, I'd be grateful for some advice. I've only just returned to sims after a long time away. Longer than I care to admit...does anyone remember Falcon 4? Anyway, recently returned and immediately bought the Helicopter package and have begun to learn flying the UH1, which I'm enjoying. Now the P51 supplied doesn't seem to have any weapons and the SU25 doesn't do it for me. So which aero should I invest my time and children's inheritance on? I gather some are bug ridden and others require you to click ten buttons, just to fire the guns. So which one will offer a manageable learn
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