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  1. What is causing my supercarrier crew to be vibrating/shaking, almost how the planes use to shake when the carrier was turning, but even faster
  2. I rolled back to 2.5.5 again to double check and it's not throwing artifacts there
  3. What is causing this? It's driving me crazy. I have tried so many things. I get these weird terrain artifacts popping up in the water (only the water, not on land), always in the peripherals. I don't get artifacts or graphic problems in any other games. It seems to have started sometime after 2.5.6 (I think). Anyyyy ideas? It makes me so angry :furious: Thanks so much for any ideas Best, Nate
  4. Does this get reported to ED? Is there something else I have to do? No one seems to have an answer and I'm not seeing it on the change logs for recent updates or known problems
  5. I have updated to newest update and rolled back updates, still does it. I don't believe it's doing it in 2.5.5 though...
  6. Regular monitor. I have deleted fxo and metashaders2 and it still does it
  7. Anyone have ideas? What's the problem here? It's still doing it...
  8. I have been having weird light/gamma fluctuations in game. It's hard to describe, but rather frequently there are light changes on my screen that are not related to the light in game. I'm getting artifacts in the water (nothing weird on land). I have trial and errored a million things for hours, nothing changed it until I rolled back to 2.5.5--no more problems. Also, I was having major FPS drops but I'm not seeing them anymore, could have been patched?
  9. SOLVED Dude, after hours of troubleshooting I believe I finally found out what it was. I believe it's a problem with 2.5.6 update. I just rolled back to 2.5.5 and the issue is now gone! All of that work and I could have figured it out with a 5 minute download. Thanks for your help. Where is the best place to make sure the devs are aware? Best, Nate
  10. Standard 600Watts 80 Plus Gold high-efficient Power Supply
  11. Well, i will change that back again. I just troubleshot potential RAM issues by switching out my different sets and it's still doing it. Any way this could be just something with DCS' new update and my card/driver? I'm seeing a lot of posts lately about graphic issues...?
  12. So i dropped my clocking and memory down -500, turned on forced constant voltage and voltage monitoring and it's still doing it. I ran test in afterburner on standard settings and the ones i dropped them down to and they are resulting in 90% confidence
  13. pelsid, why would this randomly start happening now? I hadn't changed anything in my GPU, i haven't messed with the afterburner settings at all
  14. I rolled back to drivers ago (442.59) and it's still doing it... EDIT: I rolled back again even further to the first 442 driver and it's still doing it
  15. I apologize. I am running i7, 2080s, 32g ram, SSD, and asus rog 165hz monitor with gsync. No temperature problems, i check the temp often. i haven't overclocked the GPU and all three fans are running appropriately on it. I'll try the Nvidia roll backs
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