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  1. Can you share your successfull mission plz? And/or try mine to see if it works for you?
  2. I confirm the pixellated borders under low light conditions, if that can help :)
  3. I agree, it's really only usefull for pitch, in the Spit, and not to be done on roll. I'll update my post accordingly. And in general to be avoided on any axis on any other DCS bird (maybe Gazelle can also be tweaked a bit that way, I rarely go max deflection with her either)
  4. LOL No, I don't yank like crazy, tyvm. She is just way more sensitive than the others. Otherwise I would need to to the same on all my birds, and this is the only one where I'm even thinking about doing it. Sure, I could just use minimal inpput all the time. But... If I'm all the time using only a portion of my stick course and quite franckly never push or pull it to the limit, because I reach desired output wayyy before that point, then.... I may as well tweak these limits to correspond to my stick course, so that I take advantage of the full course of it. Actually, not doing it would be purposefully hampering my precision for no reason at all, and that would be quite stupid.
  5. I might be alone, but I completely missed what was "wrong" in previous patch' take-off and landing... It didn't seem strange, alien, difficult, too simple or whatever to me. What was the issue?
  6. This is a personnal feeling, but I find the Spitfire wayyy oversensitive compared to the other warbirds in DCS, so I followed the advice Philstyle made long time ago and it gives me very good result : * On the pitch axis, I lower the maximum deflection by lowering, in the Axis Tuning window for pitch, the Y saturation. I go down to 70 if not even 60. I doesn't seem to hamper the maximum performance in turns in any way * On the roll axis,(EDIT) : it better be left untouched * On the rudder axis, I use a rather big curve (25-30 , something like that, from the top of my head) as also on this axis, she is very sensitive, despite my quality rudder. It changes the spitfire a lot, making it far more stable, without interfering with flight performance. Mind you, I use an elongated stick in central position, the saturation needed may even be lower for a tabletop, shorter stick.
  7. Welcome in the Spitfire club! In VR I don't use seat adjustments most of the time, I simply recenter the view to my taste, it works ok. I don't have my default PoV that high on my Spit bird, maybe something odd on your install....
  8. My first test was on Normandy map, I was limited to 5 without resorting to the "disembark" trick, I just tested on Batumi runway on Caucasus, with 7 troops only 1 was kept outside, I had to "disembark trick" twice to get him on board. EDIT : second test run show more consistant behaviour : only 1 soldier stays outside, and embarks after issuing a "disembark" order. Test mission file attached. testTroopsCaucase.miz
  9. I can confirm, with a little bug : Troops of size 6 and more do not embark all. The 5 first get in the chopper, the remaining troops stay standing there. There's no "troops onboard" message. If you order a disembark with remaining troops outside, the onboard troops disembark, then immediatly re-embark, and the additionnal troops that were standing outside also embark at this point. Once all inside, you get the "troops onboard" message, and you can go ferry them. Following Disembark order works as intended, all troop disembark and go on the next waypoint
  10. Sorry to dissapoint you all, but from what I understand, ED is rather OK with their AI and just encourage us to better learn energy management, which is apparently the only thing that needs to be tweaked : https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4284044&postcount=14
  11. The simple fact that you cannot currently whatsoever stall the aircraft in any way, shape or form should be indicative enough that something is wrong, irrespective of which AoA is supposedly the max of the aircraft. Riojax, the F18 has years of computer assited flight systems to help him achieve the feat you see, Mig21 has none of that. There is ZERO point in comparing both, tbh.
  12. You can tweak your Y saturation temporarily on your throttle to prevent it going further than 1.45ATA. You'll have a nice heavy G6 with that, that never overheats :)
  13. Yes that was the case, I definitely remember being able to start the Mig15 without ground power. Today...wel .... if you're doing something wrong, then I do too because I need that GPU ON to startup now. :)
  14. I never said AI was unbeatable. I was just seeking confirmation ED sees AI in DCS as "fine". I got confirmation
  15. Thank you to all captains obvious telling us not to pull as hard as we can! :D I learned a lot!
  16. Was yo-yo answer an official statement that DCS AI is fine and players should just use better energy management? oO
  17. WTF!! I made an order last year, march, never heard from them apart from the mass mailing they did, no specific answer to my mails. And now I see they are delivering to people having ordered AFTER me???!! Who do you guys send emails to? I tried the support contact, and the "tomas" guy, never received an answer to these emails. And it seems the realteus website is now down again.... EDIT : I just received an email from Tomas after my second email in a row I made after reading your reports. Seems like my order will be dispatched too. Maybe they are going in reverse order date....
  18. When distance is a bit too large for proper ID of multiple contacts, I switch Mig21 radar on to make a little IFF check and know who's what.
  19. 2 entire modules are BASED on transporting troops. That's what transport choppers do, that's what Mi8 & Huey are. If DCS is meant to be as realistic as depicted, no transport mecanism means that these 2 modules are simply useless in-game, but still sold for $$ . That's a pretty bad behaviour for your customers, to say the least. So yes, I will regularly remind ED of this one, because of past history on the subject.
  20. Plz ED, priority list 1 for this one. That really bugged the hell out of me that you did it AGAIN. For info, last time lasted YEARS. No more, plz.
  21. I'm so damn tired of ED forcing Ciribob to fix their product ..... I personally just stopped transport choppers in DCS, until ED get their act together
  22. This is getting SUPER tiresome..... There goes transport helicopters in missions
  23. Surrexen, are you using Moose for your air dispatcher (the terminology you use make me think you use A2A_DISPATCHER for this :) ) ? If so, yes, that Dispatcher add the spawned CAP/GCI groups to the detection network. This can manually be patched in moose.lua, though, if you want to fiddle with that.
  24. I've always taken off with trim 1 notch down, 1 notch up makes your plane try to take off wayyy too early for its own sake. Same for power, I find +8 to end up perfect for the take off run. All in all, I follow exactly what your images say, and it works perfectly
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