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  1. I just tested the 3 versions, seeing your post, and the 3 have the interconnect between RPM lever and throttle
  2. "Well, you said lowering the Saturation won't effect elevator travel & I proved you wrong. " Indeed.... congratulations, for what it's worth. At least in the positive deflection, I tested too quickly and wrote something wrong. It is still useless and I've still yet to see any aerodynamic difference. I keep trying different maneuvers at max stick pull, with different speed, attitudes, shapes, etc.... I never see any difference in the outcome, in cockpit or in tacview, between doing it with 100% Y saturation and 70% Y Saturation in a Spit...
  3. Yes but in VR this antialiasing effect applies. On a distant augmented dot, even after aliasing takes place, the dot remains visible. At the distance where the dot is not augmented anymore, aliasing make it disappear
  4. The dot simply shrinks to something so tiny (and perhaps yes same color as background) that it's not there anymore. I personnaly think it's deemed to tiny by the renderer to be actually visible What headset do you have? Because on my Rift S, you really can't miss that when zooming in on a distant dot
  5. Ha, I see the pics now. Well, limiting is the whole point since it also decrease the sensibility. And like I said, if I want a max performance turn, I don't pull the stick all the way because doing so goes wayyyyy past the AoA limit of the aircraft. Quick & dirty example here : Look at the "Right VPC Stick MT-50 - Axe Y" to check my stick position during the tests. For example, my first turn is gradually pulling the stick, I "lose control" (left wing drops, AoA goes past 23-25 ) at 0:17 when the stick is at around 70% of its max deviation. Durin
  6. The change from "easily visible" to "non existent" in VR is particularly easy to spot when you use the max zoom on a pixel you clearly see from far away : the render engine considers that with that level of zoom, this impostor bigger model isn't needed anymore, and suddenly, there absolutely nothing in the air. When releasing the zoom button, the contact is back there, magically. Which means that there is a whole mid-range in VR where targets are simply not there. You can keep track of the contact ALL YOU WANT, you'll lose it when it enters this range. You'll have then to play with the 2
  7. I'm kind of sorry for this bug report, it may be not helpful at all since it will lack reproductibility and debug info (I didn't record the track unfortunately, all I can provide is the tacview file), but I prefer to have it logged in case someone else has seen the same behavior. Context : The Big Show campaign, mission 1 After the big dogfight, one of the AI Spitfire on it's way RTB got shot multiple times by a Anton, on the tip of the left wing only. It triggered somehow an engine failure, which made the Anton give up the chase (or maybe he was out of ammo). After the engine s
  8. As far I read it, nobody said otherwise in this thread I was just pointing out a possibility, which seems to have an impact on behaviour serious enough to be listed in the Mustang manual ....
  9. It's fuselage tank that makes this behavior kick in, as far as I understood it. Are you sure that it's not getting filled when above 40% fuel? EDIT : Checked out the manual, the aux fuselage tank should indeed not account for so much capacity.... It would then all depends on how the fuel is spread out by the sim at the start of the mission and which tanks you have been using during flight. You can check the amount of fuel left in each tank, they have each a dedicated gauge EDIT 2 : Page 110 of the manual specifies the limits to avoid with regards to fuselage tank fuel and mane
  10. Also check your fuel status, it may explain some of your issues. Excessive fuel in the P51 will pull CoG to the back of the airplane, exacerbing the wing stall tendancy a lot. Don't pull out hard maneuvers with more than 40% fuel on board.
  11. I have a centered, 10cm added Virpil T50 And I guarantee you it doesn't cripple my airplane in ANY way, a huge portion of my stick movement is not used in DCS Warbirds. EDIT : I just re-tested to be sure. Spitfire on the ground, 75 Y Saturation : my elevator still reaches max deflection (easily seen from the outside, the elevator stops moving) before my stick reaches its max. That's why my standard is in between 75 and 65, because the max elevator is in this zone. For the spitfire, on the pitch axis, I go even further because yanking the stick to maximum is the last thing to d
  12. All of the DCS WWII birds suffer kinda the same fate, the pitch axis is over sensitive to a very large degree. I don't use curves personally because it kinda screw up feeling and trimming, so I lower the Y Saturation on the pitch axis, to something in between 65 and 75 for general DCS warbirds, and for the extreme one (the Spitfire) , something like 45 (I'm not kidding... and even at 45, I'm not using the full range of motion, the plane is THAT stupidely sensitive). People will tell you to adapt and be super precise, but this is shooting yourself in the foot for zero reason, you'll b
  13. This ... It's what keeping me from buying further things from ED, tbh. Though the Jug looks so nice it's very hard to resist , but really, this "Released" status stamped on the A8 left me with a very sour taste in the mouth
  14. First, as indicated, people complaining about an option they'd never use and telling others how they should use the sim is bothering.... Second, when you don't have the hardware to compensate for the lack of precision of trims in this sim and the lack of in-cockpit accessibility for certain tasks (which is inherent to PC simulation), this kind of option can help some people to achieve what was achieved IRL (doing some in cockpit work in turbulent weather without the aircraft fumbling all around, for example). The willingness from certain people to enforce their vision on other
  15. There's just now way in MP unfortunately to modify the helicopter weight in the way it's feasible in SP, or in any way for that matter
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