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  1. Would it be realistic for the Navy to operate in the Caucuses region ? Looking at a map reveals a straight that may grant access to the area, in the south near Istanbul. ? Further study revals several bridges, none of which look tall enough to allow a carrier through. but I don't know for sure....anyone have a clue ?
  2. The problem is, i cannot locate the file i need to edit
  3. Hello everyone, I recently upgraded from the Vive Pro to a HP Reverb and am experiencing a strange cross eyed feeling ! I have seen posts that discuss people having the same issue, but i cannot locate the autoexec.cfg that the say you have to edit to get it to fix itself...I have the Steam version and am running the open beta.
  4. Where is this file located in the Steam version ? I cannot locate it...
  5. It sounds like transmission from the actual event. Keep in mind it is a recreation . Wish we had more like it in game though
  6. When designing missions where Iran is the hostile, how do you realistically portray the threat that Iran presents ? A/A , SAM, naval assets ? What is a good make-up for Iran's current capability ? I ran across a SAM map a while back but have since lost it.
  7. I am happy to report that due to the immense support from the community I was able to get them to work! However, it REQUIRED a re-install of the F-18 module. A sanity check was suggested, and proved that the .lua files would work with F-16 and A-10, indicating a problem with the F-18 module. I reccommend trying to "reset" the module, asI had got it as soon as it came out, and it seems something fundamentally changed. Just a tip to try! Fly safe, and if you can't be safe, be dangerous!
  8. Unfortunately it didn't work....you can see the crosshair for selecting things in the cockpit, put the DDI displays don't show up.
  9. Was reading the wikipedia article on this group and man do they have some awesome squadron names! Also a pretty decent read, if your'e into that kind of thing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marine_Aircraft_Group_11
  10. There is a poster of a bug belonging to VMFA 312 that has a very neat digi-cam paint job floating around on the internet. Is this a legit paint job or just something photo shopped ? Is there a mod to add it to the game? The description sounds like it is real . See the following link : https://fstudiosweb.com/f-18c-hornet-vmfa-314-fine-art-profile-prints/parchment
  11. Wow! I am at work and will try it as soon as I get home ! I am very excited to see if it works! I will keep you posted. Helpful people like you are what keep communities like this going, and I thank you for taking time to come up with this!!
  12. Thanks for reaching out to me! I didn't realize the forum doesnt automatically let you know when so.eone replies to your thread. I really insist on some form of payment for the help! I will PM both of y'all later today! Thanks again!
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