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  1. Lol not the sameSame here. In CCRP with the tpod and laser gbus, I can't designate anything. I do tms fwrd but nothing happens. My ccrp line is aiming like nowhere, have no ETA nor time to drop on hud. ll record it
  2. Hi! Sorry, maybe I didnt said some details. That issue is when on ground. Dont matter what order do you ask for, if you land with any empty tank on your plane, not even thought ask for a 100% fuel these will not be refuelled. Sorry if bad english, is not my languaje S:
  3. Hi! I noticed a bug when refueling the plane. It happens on SP as on MP too. When u got external fuel tanks, and you refuel to 100%, those tanks arent refueled. The opposite happen on f18. I you got external tanks those will refill at the same time as the internal one. The solution is easy: 'Rearm' and delete the tanks. When finished, rearm again and put the tanks. Greets!
  4. Hi! We are trying to do a coop mission but we started the server and the other cant see the server. We cant even conect by IP eachother. What to do? Sorry for bad english :music_whistling:
  5. But will be harms on next update or 'only' mavs?
  6. I use the mk20 for any kind of targets and works very good. Sometimes, if you don't kill him is almost dead. 4Example, the geepard AAA you wont kill him with one bomb but it'll be useless without radar as you destroys it. Im doing at 500ft as max of alt. of use. Like a mk82 air or snakeye, and the explosions wont hit you.
  7. Hi! I Have some bugs reports based on a flight yesterday on actual Stable version on mp servers. 1- Sometimes, the game dont 'capture' you are throwing flares. I'm very sure I throw flares and also I saw the IR missile going for the flare on my screen. Then i blew up. Now, seeing that on Tacview, my plane doesn't throw flares and the missile destroys me. It was an M6 linebacker, I was on F18 with 'bypass' mode on the dispenser. 2- If he lanches you a missile, but you killed him before the missile hits you, the missile does no damage. It plenty hit me but doesn't even di
  8. I took the track from the folder where the multiplayer tracks are saved. I opened the track in DCS, and record the screen, then edit it xd. The track weight 250mb and the moment of the missile is waaaaaay late of the start of the track. So, I have taken your work in that case. You have the video of the moment, if you want the track I can upload for you, but will take a lot time for you to search the moment...
  9. My hornet alignt in less than 20. I play on stable, is something new on beta?
  10. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ass9jcQB7tBGjWd_L5bpibrHaCH_?e=RJCDpy Here is the video of the moment.
  11. No. I fired a 120 to him. Then, he fired a 7F to me and hit. I know the paint is a disaster, but hope it helps lol
  12. It was right now in a MP server, i dont know how to save a track of this (on mp) I was on the f18 going versus a f15. He was locking me with the radar (my rwr was sounding bc this.) I got him on my 12. I fired a 120. 4 Seconds to 120 being pitbull. In this time, he fired me a missile (the rwr start sounding different, like a missile launch to you and 15 blinking). When the 120 start pitbull, the enemy f15 goes down and to another direction. Loss my track. The rwr shut. 4 seconds later, i explode. The aim7F was still traking me but, how? May the 7m/7mh can do that if you have ECM on, but
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