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  1. This happened on the 104th server, this time it was the right wingtip missile. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4B3wLkcbcU
  2. Having the same issues when firing missiles. After firing a missile, the wing breaks. It seems to happen only with wingtip missiles.
  3. I can't get my flight to go for the objective. It's probably a DCS AI problem.
  4. I removed DCS-ExportScripts. That seemed to be the culprit. Everything seems fine now.
  5. I came across this I will try remove DCSexport scripts.
  6. I did a repair, disabled all mods, everything is up to date. dcs.log
  7. As the title says. dcs.log dcs.20201104-220337.crash
  8. I'm having the same problem since today, the game never crashed before.
  9. Thanks to the help of Bailey on Discord, we've managed to solve my problem I was having with the command rose not opening in the F14. Turns out it's because I have an AZERTY keyboard. So the commands to get Jester's attention are bound to "A" in the VA profile. Just change these commands to the letter on your keyboard(change "A" to "Q") if you have an AZERTY keyboard like me. The commands inside the Control Options of DCS should stay the same.
  10. I tried everything, the command rose is not showing.
  11. In the Export.lua I have: local Tacviewlfs=require('lfs');dofile(Tacviewlfs.writedir()..'Scripts/TacviewGameExport.lua') pcall(function() local dcsSr=require('lfs');dofile(dcsSr.writedir()..[[Mods\Tech\DCS-SRS\Scripts\DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone.lua]]); end,nil); *I deleted the whole Scripts folder, still no change.
  12. I reimported the profile in Voiceattack, reimported the diff.lua, deleted the Vaicom folder in the Scripts directory of DCS. Still nothing.
  13. I tried different keyboard layouts. I set DCS to the target window and back to active window, that didn't change anything. I had a Vaicom profile installed, but deleted it from the Apps folder within the Voiceattack install. I'm using version 1.91 for the F-14. I will try to reimport the F-14 profile.
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